DX-Antwerp special broadcast May 12th

(Source: DX-Antwerp)

The Belgian club, DX-Antwerp, is celebrating its 30th anniversary on May 12th. They’re airing a commemorative shortwave broadcast on the following schedule:

  • 0430-0530 UTC 17880 kHz Issoudun F AM India
  • 0800-0900 UTC 9680 kHz Issoudun F AM Western-Europe
  • 1200-1300 UTC 6015 kHz Issoudun F DRM Western-Europe
  • 1400-1500 UTC 17880 kHz Montsinery GUF AM North America East
  • 1530-1630 UTC 15775 kHz Issoudun F DRM India
  • 1700-1800 UTC 21680 kHz Montsinery GUF AM North America West
  • 2000-2100 UTC 17755 kHz Montsinery GUF DRM North America

A special QSL card was designed for this occasion. Send a report by
ordinary mail to:

c/o TDP Radio
PO Box 1
B-2310 Rijkevorsel

or e-mail to dxaqsl@gmail.com.

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  1. nothing to South America?

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