Degen DE1129 front panel: English translations

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Erin, with, sent me this graphic with English translations for the Degen DE1129’s front panel (which is silk-screened in Chinese).

This could come in handy for future DE1129 owners less familiar with Chinese.

I’ve also added this image in our Shortwave Radio Index.

6 thoughts on “Degen DE1129 front panel: English translations

  1. I also put other Language to my ,If you have any problem.Feel free to ask me.I focus on Tecsun ,Degen ,Kchibo,Redsun,Anjian Radio.Please contact if you need these radios.

    • I’ve came across your your Russian translation page for DE1129 panel.
      As Russian is one of my native languages, I would suggest to make couple fixes, since now it is quite funny (especially the ‘mute’ feature, which now reads literally as ‘put a mute on’, where ‘mute’ is actually a kind of musical instrument – sordino). So here is the correct translation for some terms:

      delete – ???????
      mute – ???? ???./????. (means ‘sound on/off’, since this is how it is generally translated)
      record – ??????

      I’m note sure about the term ‘voice+/-‘. If this has something to do with sound volume, then it should be translated as:

      “voice+/-” “??????c?? +/-”

      if this has something to do with record level, then probably you can leave it as it is.
      I hope you can read this correctly in your browser.

      • Well, turned out that comments would not accept foreign characters. and there is no way to insert pictures too. Nevertheless, if you’d like to have correct translation, let me know where I could upload or e-mail it.

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