Attend the 26th Annual Winter SWL Fest

For those of you readers who often feel you’re alone in your enthusiasm for radio, I highly encourage you to attend the NASWA-sponsored SWL Fest in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania this year. The ‘Fest is jam-packed with radio-related information and attended by many radio kindred spirits.  Forum topics this year will include the following :

  • From the WBCQ Archives – Larry Will

  • The Annual Pirate Forum – George Zeller
  • QRP: Operating and Listening at Low Power – Skip Arey
  • Economically Enhancing Your Collection thru Auctions and Flea Markets – Ed Mauger
  • Defeating Jammers with Text By Shortwave – Kim Andrew Elliott/Thomas Witherspoon
  • The Shortwave Shindig – David Goren (Friday night confirmed)
  • The Other Side of Satellite Monitoring – Dave Marthouse
  • More! All About Loop Antennae – Jef Eichner

If you’re interested in attending the SWL Fest, too, go to the official website and register!

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