Pirate Radio Recordings: Boombox Radio

RadioListeningThis morning, around 11:15 UTC, I caught a pirate that I had never heard on air before: Boombox Radio.

Though rather weak, over the course of their 31 minute broadcast on 6,925 kHz AM, the signal did increase significantly (possibly as propagation improved).

I was very surprised to hear a North American pirate on at this time of the morning.

Click here to download the full recording, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

Boombox, great to hear you on the air! 

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2 Responses to Pirate Radio Recordings: Boombox Radio

  1. Hans says:

    I would like to know about the radios and antennas used to capture these rarities. It would help everyone in the hobby to know the gear involved since these are usually tough catches. Thanks es VY 73s de WA1UFO.

    • Thomas says:

      Hi, Hans,

      Yes, I’m terrible about forgetting to mention listening gear–sorry about that!

      In this recording I used a WinRadio Excalibur SDR with a very large horizontal multi-band delta loop antenna.


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