Chris’ Hamvention find: a Sharp Z-1000

Chris' Sharp Z-1000

Chris’ Sharp Z-1000 AM/FM radio (Click to enlarge)

I had the pleasure of seeing SWLing Post reader, Chris, again this year at the 2013 Hamvention.  Chris has enjoyed remarkably good luck in the flea market/tailgate section of the Hamvention; in fact, last year he found a Zenith Transoceanic 1000 and a Transoceanic Royal 7000. (I have a special affinity for the Royal 7000, as it this was the first radio on which I cut my teeth, and which I still fire up from time to time.)

Chris just sent a photo of his find from this year’s Hamvention: a Sharp Z-1000. The name was familiar…and when he sent a photo, I knew where I had seen it. Earlier this year, Jeff at the Herculodge posted a link to a Z-1000 on eBay.

Chris reports that the Z-1000 audio is pleasant and that FM and especially AM reception are impressive. Great find, Chris!

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