Data shows pirate radio activity nearly doubles during shutdown

ShutdownPirateActivitySWLing Post reader, Chris Smolinski of the HF Underground, has shared data he has collected from listener-submitted pirate radio logs prior to and following the US government shutdown. The results are intriguing.

Chris writes:

I have some concrete data for you here:,13187.0.html

As you can see by the graph, activity is almostĀ double.”

Many thanks for collecting, analyzing, and sharing this data, Chris!

Readers, if you’re into shortwave pirate radio, the HF Underground is my favorite place to view live pirate radio logs. Check them out! You can create an account to submit your own pirate logs.

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2 Responses to Data shows pirate radio activity nearly doubles during shutdown

  1. Paul says:

    Anybody have a RadioShack 12-1475 and can provide a review? This is the new digital pocket AM/FM from RS.

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