Radio Paisano QSL

Last week, I listened to and recorded the pirate radio station, Radio Paisano. Three days ago, I received this message along with a QSL card:

Radio Paisano is a novelty shortwave pirate station that celebrates Columbus Day, and features the music of Lou Monte and the comedy of Pat Cooper. This was the eighth year that we were on the air.

Attached is your e-QSL.


2013PaisanoQSL-Witherspoon112Many thanks for the note and QSL card, Luigi!

I look forward to catching Radio Paisano next year.

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2 Responses to Radio Paisano QSL

  1. Julus Daniels says:

    very cool. the land just below 40m. is really like a shortwave podcast sometimes. heheheh

  2. Gary says:

    It appears that a new electronic magazine, The Spectrum Monitor, is going to pick up where Monitoring Times leaves off, and it will include many of the same authors. This is great news.

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