Sangean 909X on sale

Sangean-909XSWLing Post reader, Tom, writes:

Just thought I would tell you that at the moment I am seeing the White Sangean 909X Shortwave radio on sale from Amazon for $163.81 at the moment.

Says on the page it is 64% off which is the cheapest I have seen it so far and it ships from Amazon and not a 3rd party.

Link is


Many thanks, Tom! I believe that is the lowest price for a 909X I’ve ever seen.

Ironically, the price of the Tecsun PL-880 has been climbing on Amazon (currently $179.99) and the PL-660 price is back to $129.99 (up $30 from November pricing).

Note that I could not advise purchasing the PL-880 from Amazon at the moment as it appears that they have a stock of older firmware version radios (see previous post).

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  1. Tom says:

    New price on the radio at the moment is even lower – for the radio directly from Amazon without a 3rd party is $157.56

    From some vendors through Amazon is even cheaper as well by $3.00 or so at the moment.

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