Updated: “Putin wants to silence Voice of Russia”–?

UPDATE: I seriously question this VOR twitter account’s authenticity. @VORMoscow looks to be very new, starting on March 19, 2014–the same day VOR announced an end to its shortwave service–obviously not an official VOR account. Either this is a disgruntled VOR staffer posing as VOR English, or (most likely) a VOR listener. By 5:30 UTC on March 22, 2014 @VORMoscow was removed from Twitter: 

Two days ago we learn that the Voice of Russia plans to end all shortwave and medium wave broadcasts as of April 1, 2014.

Yesterday, SWLing Post reader Juan Kulichevsky, noticed this tweet from the new Twitter account @VORMoscow:


Then, about ten hours ago, I notice this tweet among other VOR news items from @VORMoscow:


By 5:30 UTC on March 22, 2014, @VORMoscow posted this final tweet before the account was removed from Twitter:


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10 Responses to Updated: “Putin wants to silence Voice of Russia”–?

  1. LYNN KELLY says:

    This action by President Putin to scrap VOR SW and MW is content based and he is in a position to translate this into state action. THIS MAKES A POINT VERY POWERFULLY that I posted on this very blog recently that our hobby cannot and does not exist apart from the reality of state policy. Its both foolish and niave to ignore this reality whatever our motives may be. In the United States one of the two political parties has held a long content based wish to close down domestic AM braoadcasting and by extension domestic SW in the United States while the other party is more or less neutral. NEITHER party can honestly be described as a friend of our hobby. Walter Jones stayed the scrapping of the Greenville site not for love of SW but to save jobs in Pitt County North Carolina. The part content hostile to AM and domestic SW in The USA will shut down both if and when they are able to do do exactly as Putin did the VOR and in fact that party has tried to revive the fairness doctrine several times to that very end. Not to acknowledge the reality of state policy translated into state action is both foolish and niave . AS for the VOR employee who made the tweet I hope they have a warm coat, it gets very cold in Siberia

  2. LYNN KELLY says:

    I willfully ommitted which party is which in the above post for several reasons the first being which party is which is well documented in the public record and very easy to check. also which party is which is totally non relevant to this point and in fact the roles could quickly reverse

  3. Roger Tidy says:

    Is this latest tweet really from VOR or is it a forgery? Would VOR really post a message with an implied criticism of Putin?

    • Thomas says:

      Roger: I just came to the same conclusion. Did a little extra investigation on this Twitter account which is _very_ new. I should have paid attention to the number of tweets. I believe this to be a hoax account created by an upset listener or staffer. I’ve updated the post and title to reflect.

  4. LYNN KELLY says:

    I had my doubts about that tweet too. Please see the last line of my first comment on this subject

  5. TP Reitzel says:

    A few weeks ago, I sent an e-mail to the VOR and encouraged them to continue broadcasting on the shortwave bands. I received a reply which stated that my desire was being forwarded to the pertinent staff for consideration. Now, we hear that VOR is allegedly planning to cease broadcasting via shortwave. Until we have more definitive information, I’d suggest that readers write to VOR and state your opinion as I did. Writing might not help, but it won’t hurt, either.

  6. Tudor says:

    Why would Putin “silence” VOR? A couple of days ago during their English broadcast I heard some soviet-style propaganda and lies regarding the situation in Ukraine and against USA and EU. It felt like I was back in the Cold War era. Isn’t this what Putin wants us to hear?

  7. andi says:

    Interesting story…..
    Editor in chief of RT has become the editor in chief of Rossiya Segodnya (which includes VOR).
    It seems VOR might be re branded?? Also explains why she is taking VOR off shortwave.

    “We will stop using obsolete radio broadcasting models, when the signal is transmitted without any control and when it is impossible to calculate who listens to it and where,”

    Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_03_23/Russia-Today-s-English-newswire-to-be-launched-in-April-1119/

  8. W4ASZ says:

    “We will stop using obsolete radio broadcasting models, when the signal is transmitted without any control and when it is impossible to calculate who listens to it and where,”

    Propaganda targeted down to the household level.
    I believe I’ll opt out.

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