VOA Site A for sale: surplus property notice

Surplus Notice

Want to purchase a shortwave transmitter site? VOA Site A ia a mirror image of the Edward R. Murrow Transmitting Station and is being sold as surplus property:

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: Site “A” Transmitting Station is approximately 2,822 acres with improvements containing 54,318 square feet of rentable area. The main transmitter building was constructed in 1957. In addition to the main building, there are small ancillary buildings on the site, along with 40 transmitter antennas and 160 towers, concrete foundations, asphalt paving, wood distribution poles and fencing on the property.

Click here to download the surplus notice.

Many thanks to Jonathan Marks for the tip!

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5 Responses to VOA Site A for sale: surplus property notice

  1. Sounds like someone should take up a collection! I’m in for at least $20.00 {;-)

  2. LYNN KELLY says:

    this is just the first step to sending the entire site both a and b to the scrapyard as was done at sackville recently. futhermore from some of the post i have seen on this blog that outcome is just fine with some readers of this blog who appear to want both am radio and domestic shortwave shutdown simply because they do not agree with the content of same. not a good sign at all.

  3. LYNN KELLY says:

    I said a few months ago that the Greenville site would soon go to the scrapyard and i will soon be proven correct. But for congressman walter jones this would have already have been done. To try to seperate this hobby from the realites of state policy is niave and will speed up the the total demise of this hobby. Some here just dont get the point or if they do dont care.

  4. LYNN KELLY says:

    There is a reason our best efforts did not save sackville from the scrapyard and will likely not save greenville either. Just not enough of us to matter to the powers that be. Worse within our ranks are people who post on this site who obviously from the comments that make want am radio and by extension domestic sw shut down because they do not like the content of same. No amount of denial or wishfull thinking by anyone will change that reality one bit. I said on this blog sometime ago that greenville will be the next site to the scrapyard and i will be proven right. In our two party system both parties do not have the same view of am radio and domestic sw and can and will translate that view into state action. Its foolish not to see that reality or to pretend its not there.

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