Shortwave Shindig QSL


Happiness is receiving your Shortwave Shindig QSL card which sports the superb Shindig logo by Jeff (K1NSS).

Did you miss the Shindig broadcast?  Click here to listen to off-air recordings.

Also, click here to check out all of David Goren’s work at

I hope the Shindig will do another live broadcast in 2015. Stay tuned!

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One Response to Shortwave Shindig QSL

  1. Matthew Williams says:

    Ditto! I had no idea the winter shortwave festival existed – I may drive down next year if I’m able! I too received my card and it’s great (and of course, I had to grab a shirt). Bravo all around on the Shindig’s content, production, shirt, card and for getting me more so into SWL!

    73 de W2MDW!

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