PantronX Titus II DRM receiver June 2017 update

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ed, who writes:

Here’s an update on the PantronX Titus II DRM boombox from Mike at PantronX:

“We are first fulfilling large orders from international broadcasters. Individual orders most likely are late fall.

If you preordered someone will contact you when the order comes up. Sorry for the delays but demand has been almost overwhelming.

Thanks for your continued support.”

Thanks fo sharing this update with us, Ed!

7 thoughts on “PantronX Titus II DRM receiver June 2017 update

  1. Broadwing

    Why would international broadcasters be buying large quantities of these receivers? Still more delays for the SWLers wanting one for personal use. I get a feeling something isn’t right with this?

    1. Dennis Falk

      TransWorld Radio and the HFCC are the two biggest backers of PantronX’s endeavour, and thus the majority of the pre-orders taken. I suspect it’s the fulfilling of orders for these two broadcasting organisations before they get to individual orders.

  2. KB7AIL

    “Somebody” is paying for international broadcasters to broadcast- commercial sponsors, governments, individuals, whatever. Changing over to DRM broadcasting has got to be expensive. Perhaps they want to get a radio in the hands of the people who are actually paying for the upgrade as soon as possible.

  3. Antonio Trustno

    Hi Mike

    Can you send us a picture of your production line and the boxes being filled with receivers?

    Nothing personal. Doverai nor proverai.


    Antonio Trustno

  4. Antonio Trustno

    No pictures, huh.

    Kinda hard to believe fairy tales when you can’t even produce one picture of an assembly line that is just humming. Especially since it is so hard to take a picture and post it online these days. To busy and almost overwhelmed I guess.

    Things that make you go hummmm….


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