Tecsun PL-660 Hidden Feature: FM Calibration

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Rick B, who writes:

I just thought I’d share with you a hidden function I discovered documented on the web for the Tecsun PL-660. It’s how to calibrate the FM band if you have a radio that is off frequency.

As my current PL-660 is accurate on FM, I haven’t had to try this myself. But perhaps it could save someone else from having to return/exchange a radio.


“Re-calibrating FM, radio needs to be on and set to FM band. Tune to the desired frequency/station you wish to listen to, press “SYNC” for about 3 seconds back light will flash. Tune up until the frequency/station sounds more clear press “1” to confirm re-calibration. If done correctly the correct frequency/station will be displayed on the display. Keep the battery in for all the time…”

Very cool!  Thank you for sharing the tip, Rick!

5 thoughts on “Tecsun PL-660 Hidden Feature: FM Calibration

  1. Chris Wyatt

    Nice! I noticed that FM was a bit distorted sometimes, but I think that’s because it’s overloaded rather than the calibration being out. Is it possible to revert to the default setting and does this persist after removing the batteries? If it’s a service setting, I’m guessing it’s probably quite permanent…

  2. Edward

    Here we go again, TECSUN not disclosing a feature that would make a sale. Marketing getting in the way of sales. A feature like that would clinch the selection for me if I was on the market for a radio with an FM band.


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