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WRMI to cover 2015 sporting events

(Source: WRMI press release) OKEECHOBEE, FLORIDA, USA – America’s most powerful radio signal will carry previews and highlights of some of the world’s top sporting events throughout 2015. WRMI (Radio Miami International) will provide exclusive shortwave coverage from the USA for … Continue reading

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Cuts to Radio Australia shortwave broadcasts

(Source: WRTH Facebook Page via contributor, Mauno Ritola) “According to information from Radio Australia, there will be a drastic cut to their shortwave schedule starting 1st February 2015. Only these transmissions from Shepparton will remain to the Pacific: 2100-0900 UTC on … Continue reading

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Shortwave Receivers, Past & Present: a book for every radio enthusiast

Last month, I received an unexpected–and most welcome–package: a copy of Fred Osterman’s Shortwave Receivers Past & Present, now in its fourth edition. My copy was a signed version, sent to those who contributed to the volume. Although my contributions to this … Continue reading

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More from 1 Radio News developer Steven Clift

After publishing a post about the new 1 Radio News app, developer Steven Clift commented: Thanks for the mention! I had a private email in my draft box for Tom … here, I’ll share with all: Thomas, Ken Reitz suggested … Continue reading

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1 Radio News equivalent for iPhone

Regarding the new 1 Radio News App for Android devices, SWLing Post reader, Erica comments: “I too wish 1 Radio News were available for iPhone. The nearest thing I know of however is an app called Hourly News. It allows you … Continue reading

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Mobile news app inspired by shortwave radio

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Richard Cuff, for sharing the following article from The following is an excerpt: Twin Cities developer creates ‘shortwave radio’ app for world news By Julio Ojeda-Zapata Smartphone users have no shortage of radio-style apps … Continue reading

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Review of the C. Crane CC Skywave portable radio

While electronics manufacturer C. Crane offers a number of unique AM/FM radios, including some of the best portable medium wave receivers on the market, they’ve traditionally only had two models of shortwave radio––namely, the CCRadio-SW, and the CCRadio-SWP. Earlier this … Continue reading

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