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Tinkering with the Credit Card Crystal Radio

A few weeks ago, we published a short post about a credit card crystal radio from an eBay seller in the UK. I purchased a kit–at $17-18 US shipped, it’s quite a modest investment for what might be a fun little project. … Continue reading

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Dave Zantow’s Grundig G2 Notes

After posting the recent mini review of the Grundig G2 Reporter, Dave Zontow (N9EWO) notes: I just completed updates on my reviews page regarding these models. Owners should take note for the cure with excessive battery consumption when OFF … Continue reading

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Victor’s detailed handwritten QSL Card

Noted DXer, Victor Goonetilleke, recently posted this circa 1971 QSL on Facebook and has kindly allowed me to share it here on the SWLing Post: Victor comments: “The Glory Days of Short Wave Radio. Can you imagine someone hand writing … Continue reading

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A source of Sangean shortwave radios in New Zealand

In response to a post last year where we asked about sources of shortwave radios in New Zealand, SWLing Post reader, James Patterson, writes: I have now found a very good importer of very good quality shortwave portable radios here … Continue reading

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O’Rielly proposes a new way to fight pirate radio

Many thanks to an SWLing Post reader who shares this blog post by FCC Commissioner, Michael O’Rielly. In his post, Commissioner O’Rielly expresses his hatred of pirate radio stations and how he believes action should be taken against pirate stations. … Continue reading

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This shortwave listener gives the Grundig G2 a positive review

Regarding the Grundig G2, SWLing Post reader “Shortwave Listener 22007″ recently commented: I have owned this radio for about 2 months, here are the things I have noticed… The good: The G2 has shortwave reception almost matching that of my … Continue reading

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New Franzis shortwave radio kit

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Franz Miller, who writes: “I’ve pasted a link below to the webpage at Conrad in Germany for yet another Franzis radio kit; no idea how good it is, but it looks neato-retro to me.  Covers … Continue reading

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