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Moshe restores a Ben-Gal “Duet-Stereo”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Moshe, who writes: About 2 weeks ago, a very good friend called me and exclaimed, “you just have to see this radio…I’m keeping it for you!”–so, I drove to his aunt’s house and saw … Continue reading

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DSP noise may come from clock and data line harmonics

In response to our review of the Sangean ATS-405–which noted DSP noises on 800 and 1600 kHz–SWLing Post reader, Steve Yothment, comments: “Yes, modern radios usually have a micro communicating with the DSP IC through I2C communications. The inter-IC communications … Continue reading

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The Aiwa FR-C33 AM\FM\WX portable radio

A few weeks ago, SWLing Post contributor, Ron, sent me an eBay listing for a radio with which I was not familiar: the Aiwa FR-C33. Ron wrote: “I know you are primarily HF but here is something rather special and unique … Continue reading

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Winner of the Virtual Radio Challenge III

Dennis Blanchard (K1YPP), author of Three Hundred Zeroes: Lessons of the Heart on the Appalachian Trail, recently contacted me from the road, en route to another lengthy trail in Vermont. Before this latest hiking expedition, Dennis spent many hours pouring over … Continue reading

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Obtaining QSLs from AM broadcast stations?

SWLing Post reader, Paul Grodkowski, writes: “Just a quick question to anyone at the SWLing Post: Is the practice of sending a reception report to a AM broadcast station in return for a QSL card still accepted in the age of … Continue reading

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Update: Sangean ATS-405 review

After publishing my initial review of the Sangean ATS-405 on July 25, I contacted Sangean and requested a sample radio for comparison purposes. Back story:  there were some receiver performance issues that I suspected may have been tied to my particular ATS-405 unit. … Continue reading

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Radio Caroline and a crystal radio: “The making of a rebel”

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader Mike, who shares a link to this story from the blog République No.6: Growing up in Piennes Lorraine, Radio Caroline the making of a rebel [A]t night with my younger brother we would listen to … Continue reading

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