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Shipping Forecast tribute

Many thanks to @realmarkfahey who shares this tribute to the Shipping Forecast via Twitter: For anyone who's ever fallen under the hypnotic spell of The Shipping Forecast, a short tribute to its charm: #R4in4 — BBC Radio 4 (@BBCRadio4) … Continue reading

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Urban go-kit

My good pal David Korchin (K2WNW) posted the above photo in his Facebook feed yesterday, simply titled, “Today’s carry.” David is very much a kindred spirit; like me, he is constantly tweaking his go-gear. He works in New York City and likes to have … Continue reading

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LeBlanc to crack down on pirates

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Bill Patalon, who writes: FCC’s LeBlanc wants to really crack down on Pirates …. And the “C” goes after the SW buccaneers as well as those on the commercial BCBs … While the … Continue reading

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Sangean WR-15: great looks, but poor performance?

Jeff, over at the Herculodge, writes with some disappointing news: What a shame John bought the WR-15 and thinks it stinks: Oh, that is a shame. An AM/FM radio with poor AM/FM sensitivity has little appeal (even if it … Continue reading

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Tinkering with the Credit Card Crystal Radio

A few weeks ago, we published a short post about a credit card crystal radio from an eBay seller in the UK. I purchased a kit–at $17-18 US shipped, it’s quite a modest investment for what might be a fun little project. … Continue reading

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A true fashion statement: the “Man-from-Mars Radio Hat”

(Source: Mashable) Inventor Victor T. Hoeflich, founder of novelty manufacturing corporation American Merri-Lei of Brooklyn, New York, introduced his “Man-from-Mars Radio Hat” in March 1949. In the press conference, he used teenagers as models. Sold in department stores across the … Continue reading

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Eton Traveler III/AN200 bundle at Universal Radio

This morning, I noticed that Universal Radio is now bundling that AN200 medium wave loop with the purchase of a Eton Traveler III. I’ve had an AN200 for years and it does make quite a different when inductively coupled with portable … Continue reading

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