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Jeff gives the CCRadio 2E a favorable review

Searching for an AM/FM radio great audio? Check out Jeff’s first look at the CCRadio 2E.

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And now, the Shipping Forecast…

When I lived in the UK, I would often fall asleep and/or wake up to the Shipping Forecast: a BBC Radio broadcast of weather reports and forecasts for the seas around the coasts of the British Isles. Though I had, of … Continue reading

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This Panasonic RF-2200 will help you weather a storm

While looking through a number of photos Flickr user vency1 posted, I noticed an interesting story behind his trusty Panasonic RF-2200. He describes his radio thus: “A very good performing receiver. I’ve had great listening adventures with this on AM … Continue reading

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Drew’s CB Tapes

SWLing Post reader, Chris, writes: “I found this web page  that my be of interest to your blog readers. A guy named Drew Durigan has saved CB radio audio of himself talking to his friends when he was a teenager … Continue reading

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WSJ: “FCC Agents Trace Radio Interference”

I’m happy to see RFI being mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Ulis, for the tip: (Source: Wall Street Journal) A federal agent who shows up unannounced at a building along a Texas highway … Continue reading

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WRNO Worldwide recordings from 1983

Many thanks to Dave (N9EWO) who writes: “I see a great You Tube file (it’s in 2 parts) of a WRNO Worldwide broadcast “off air” recording made on Dec 14, 1983. Ah yes the memories[...] You can hear the very … Continue reading

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The Professor reviews the Tecsun ICR-110 AM/FM radio recorder

The Professor, over at The Radio Kitchen, has just published an excellent review of the new Tecsun ICR-110: an AM/FM radio with built-in MP3 recorder and player. While the ICR-110 is a little quirky, those of you looking for an … Continue reading

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