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Guest Post: A Late Summer Visit to Howard Mills’ Radio Restoration

Many thanks to former VOA correspondent and noted DXer, Dan Robinson, for the following guest post: A Late Summer Visit to Howard Mills’ Radio Restoration -Dan Robinson The end of summer is a wistful time, as we begin to mourn the … Continue reading

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Bill’s simple Sony SRF-59 passive loop antenna modification

In reference to our previous posts about the Sony SRF-59 ultralight receiver, SWLing Post reader, Bill Mead, writes: “As someone who doesn’t normally open the backs of radios, this is my mod on my ultralight. All it takes is a … Continue reading

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Peter recommends the Sony SRF-S84 and SRF-18 ultralights

In reference to our post about the Sony SRF-39FP and SRF-59, SWLing Post reader, Peter, writes: As usual a very interesting post. I sold most of my collection of receivers some years ago but I’m still interested in AM DXing … Continue reading

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Pocket DX: Finding the Sony SRF-59 and SRF-39FP

I have two of the Sony SRF series pocket AM/FM radios: the grey SRF-59 and the clear SRF-39FP. The venerable SRF-59 has long been one of the least expensive, quality analog AM/FM receivers on the market. I originally purchased one new for … Continue reading

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The AOR AR-Mini B is back (and on sale at Universal Radio)

While browsing the front page of Universal Radio recently, I noted that the AOR AR-Mini B handheld communications receiver is currently on sale. This surprised for two reasons: I thought the AR-Mini B was discontinued. This receiver used to sell for … Continue reading

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In the US, radio audience continues an upward trend

(Source: CNN Money via Andrea Borgnino) It turns out that radio still gets results. Amid all the changes in television and digital media, a report from Nielsen released Tuesday found that radio’s nationwide audience reached an all-time high during the second … Continue reading

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New from Heathkit: the Explorer Jr TRF AM radio receiver kit

Yes, the legendary Heathkit company is back and their first kit is a simple Tuned Radio Frequency (TRF) AM/mediumwave analog receiver: the Explorer Jr. I knew Heathkit was back in business and under new management, but hadn’t heard any updates as of late. Their … Continue reading

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