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Forbes: “How To Make Music (And Money) From Shortwave Radio”

Two weeks ago, we posted a video of Evaton Technologies RF Nomad: a modular synthesizer that employs shortwave radio to create unique sounds. As someone who has always been fascinating with music and the sonic texture of the shortwaves, of course I … Continue reading

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Amanda Dawn Christie shares footage of RCI towers falling

Documentary filmmaker, Amanda Dawn Christie, has been gathering footage to create Spectres of Shortwave: a 90 minute documentary film focusing on the Radio Canada International Sackville transmitting site. Little did Christie know when she started shooting the film several years … Continue reading

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RF Nomad: Synthesizer meets radio

For electronic musicians who love the sonic texture of shortwave radio, check out the RF Nomad, under development by Evaton Technologies. Evaton describes the RF Nomad module: “RF. Radio Frequency. The stuff that Marconi made famous. Or maybe it made Marconi … Continue reading

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BBC Countdown via the Infinite Jukebox

Referring to my obsession with the BBC Countdown, Jonathan writes: “You may like to play with the Infinite Juke box at the bottom of this post. You can make the countdown theme go on for hours!” What an amazing web application! Here’s … Continue reading

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Santa over shortwave?

If you live in Newfoundland, Canada, you might want to take part in the Signals To Santa event at the Signal Hill National Historic Site Visitor Centre, which is sponsored by Parks Canada and the Newfoundland Radio Amateurs (SONRA). Many … Continue reading

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Shortwave Radio Recordings: Voice of Korea

Last week, we posted the following recording on the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive; our website and podcast of current and historic shortwave radio recordings. Indeed, our podcast is absolutely free and by subscribing (via iTunes or RSS feed), you can also … Continue reading

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David Korchin’s photography captures ETOW radios in the hands of kids

A truly rewarding experience I am privileged to enjoy as the director of Ears To Our World is to work directly with kids and teachers in the countries where we extend our mission. This year, photographer/SWLer/radio amateur–and good friend–David Korchin (KC2WNW) … Continue reading

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