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In the UK, digital radio is not always well-received

Many thanks to my buddy, Dan, who shares this article from the Daily Mail: “It was supposed to be the technology that would transform the way we listen to the radio. But audiences condemned DAB – or Digital Audio Broadcasting … Continue reading

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SSTV from the International Space Station this weekend

This is a VHF news item, not shortwave, but many SWLing Post readers have wideband SDRs, HT’s and scanners that cover this portion of the VHF band. Unique opportunity: (Source: AMSAT bb) 40 years ago this week, the historic joint … Continue reading

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Practice your RTTY with ITTY

SWLing Post reader, George (NJ3H), writes: First off, this short message is not about listening to anything over the radio, but over the internet. So I am sure that may be a disappointment for some. However, it does give folks a … Continue reading

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Norway: first country to shut down FM analog radio

(Source: NORWAY TO SWITCH OFF FM IN 2017 Within two years from now, the shutdown of national FM-networks begins in Norway. The switchover will begin in the North and will be implemented region by region. Thursday, the Ministry of … Continue reading

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Software Defined Receivers (SDRs) for the visually impaired listener

At the 2015 Winter SWL Fest, I co-hosting a forum on Software-Defined Radios.  Afterwards, a radio friend–who happens to be visually impaired–approached me to ask: “What is the best SDR for those who are blind or visually impaired?” I’d never been asked … Continue reading

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VOA Radiogram #100

Dr. Kim Elliott, has been transmitting VOA Radiograms to a devoted set of global listeners for two years. Indeed, he recently passed a milestone by transmitting the 100th episode of the VOA Radiogram. Most impressive! SWLing Post reader, Harald (DL1ABJ), recently … Continue reading

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Kyodo News Agency Fax and the Sony CRF-V21

My friend, @K7al_L3afta, posted to Twitter, the following fax he decoded from the Kyodo News Agency on 12,745 kHz today: The Kyodo News Agency is possibly the last marine weather fax station which faxes daily news (full newspapers) and navigational warnings to ships … Continue reading

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