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DXpedition at a radio astronomy observatory: Want to join me?

Yesterday evening, prior to my presentation at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI), I took the opportunity to do a little portable shortwave listening on the PARI campus. One of the great things about listening to shortwave, mediumwave or longwave … Continue reading

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Arctic DXing: Norway style

In response to my post Tuesday about Arctic DXing in Finland, Per-Einar comments: “I would like to mention a similar listening site in Norway @70 degrees north [latitude]. Check for logs for reports. I have observed the same effect DL4NO mentions. … Continue reading

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Arctic DXing covered in the Chinese press

A few years ago we mentioned Mika Makelainen and Jim Solatie, who make a DXing pilgrimage each year to the most northern region of Finland for two weeks of DXing bliss. The small cabin is very remote, but connected to 14 wire antennas and … Continue reading

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Shutdown: Wake Island DXpedition on ice

I’ve been somewhat amazed at the number of ways the US government shutdown has had an impact upon radio. Many ham radio operators are aware of the upcoming Wake Island DXpedition commemorating the 70th anniversary of the World War II massacre; … Continue reading

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DXpedition in Lapland? Finnish DXers offer their DX cabin for rent

If you have the time and money, this DXpedition site–owned and operated by several hard-core Finnish DXers–could offer up a week of exotic AM and Shortwave DXing. Rent for one week is very reasonable at 500 Euros, but travel expenses … Continue reading

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