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DIY Kit for Aircraft Band Monitoring

There is an interesting kit being sold on eBay designed specifically for aircraft monitoring of 118-136 MHz (meaning it could also cover a number of ACARS frequencies). The receiver is being sold as a DIY kit, a completed kit, or … Continue reading

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Dave’s Sproutie SPT Beacon

Dave Richards (AA7EE), has just published a brilliant post about his new beacon: the Sproutie SPT Beacon. Click here to read Dave’s post with detailed instructions for building your own low power, legal beacon! Dave’s beacon is located on 13,558 kHz–he would … Continue reading

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New kit by NM0S: the 4S-Tuner/Antenna Coupler

Dave Cripe (NM0S) has designed yet another QRP kit for the 4 State QRP Group: the 4S-Tuner/Antenna Coupler. Description (per Four State QRP Group): This excellent random wire antenna tuner is the classic T-Match design which is known for wide matching … Continue reading

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New from Heathkit: the Explorer Jr TRF AM radio receiver kit

Yes, the legendary Heathkit company is back and their first kit is a simple Tuned Radio Frequency (TRF) AM/mediumwave analog receiver: the Explorer Jr. I knew Heathkit was back in business and under new management, but hadn’t heard any updates as of late. Their … Continue reading

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National RF 75-NS-3 receiver kit

National RF, of California, has introduced a new “semi-kit” receiver: the RF 75-NS-3. Here’s an excerpt from the product description page of the National RF website: National RF’s 75-NS-3 receiver is a complete super-hetrodyne mini high frequency receiver, designed specifically for the … Continue reading

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Video: Stephen’s Poldhu Radio Kit

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Stephen Cooper, who recently shared a video on the SWLing chatroom: I’m a sucker for cute radio kits, so I purchased one of these from the UK-based seller on eBay as well. There are … Continue reading

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Neil’s updated radio kit guide

Neil Goldstein, W2NDG, has just informed me that he’s updated his comprehensive radio kit guide which can be found at Many thanks, Neil! The next kit I have on the table is the Sawdust Regenerative Receiver by BreadBoard Radio. Should be … Continue reading

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