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Building the Ozark Patrol regenerative receiver kit

Last week, I received the Ozark Patrol regenerative receiver kit that I had only ordered a few days prior. I was so eager to get started on the build, that I read the instructions, lined a cookie sheet with aluminum foil … Continue reading

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The Ozark Patrol regenerative receiver kit

Just learned that David Cripe (NM0S) has a new kit for sale: the Ozark Patrol regenerative receiver kit. The Ozark Patrol is a simple, straightforward kit, designed with beginners in mind. The kit uses through-hole components, which is to say, … Continue reading

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Tecsun 2P3 AM radio kit

Many thanks to the excellent Herculodge blog for making me aware of this cool–nearly retro–Tecsun 2P3 AM Radio Receiver Kit on Amazon. Should be a fun, inexpensive and relatively simple through-hole kit. I am curious how well the instructions are … Continue reading

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Designing a truly portable SDR

SWLing Post reader, London Shortwave, is working on a portable SDR (software defined radio) system based on his Toshiba Encore 8″ Windows tablet, FunCube Dongle Pro+, and supported by the excellent SDR# application. Today, he shared this photo of his … Continue reading

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The Spec-Ops Pack-Rat: A new go pack for my radio gear

As I’ve mentioned before, I love to travel with one bag and efficiently pack my radio gear. This year at the Dayton Hamvention, my good friend Eric, retiree of the Air National Guard, took me onto the nearby Wright Patterson Air Force … Continue reading

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Jeff designs an SDR “Go Kit” around the Softrock Ensemble

Jeffrey Fritz (WB1AAL) contacted me with details about his SDR (Software Defined Radio) “Go Kit” and has kindly allowed me to post it. Jeff writes: As a reader of the SWLing blog, I know that you are very interested in … Continue reading

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Making A Transistor Radio by George Dobbs

Those of you who are ham radio operators (especially QRPers) are familiar with the name George Dobbs (G3RJV). In 1972, Reverend Dobbs wrote a book called, Making A Transistor Radio and now it’s available online. Making A Transistor Radio is a clear, … Continue reading

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