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Bucking the trend, Taiwan invests in shortwave infrastructure

While countries like Canada are preparing to tear down their state-of-the-art transmission site, Taiwan appears to be investing in theirs. Thanks to Andrea Borgnino for sharing a press release from the Swiss manufacturer, Ampegon, who has been contracted by RTI to … Continue reading

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On sale now: the CommRadio CR-1, a great little receiver

[UPDATE: Check out our full review of the CR-1 by clicking here.] A hot tip:  currently, CommRadio offers the CR-1 software-defined tabletop receiver for just $500 (US), until August 1, 2013. Check out the sale on CommRadio’s website and at Universal … Continue reading

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Bonito introduces the AntennaJet AAS300 active antenna splitter

This year, at the Friedrichshafen Hamfest, Bonito introduced the AntennaJet AAS300–an active antenna splitter that will allow three receivers to use one antenna with very little loss. Dennis Walter, with Bonito, recently contacted me with info: The AAS300 is a 3 way … Continue reading

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A review of the ShouYu SY-X5 DSP shortwave radio

The ShouYu SY-X5 shortwave radio came to my attention only a few weeks ago. It is yet one more mechanically-tuned, DSP based, portable shortwave/AM/FM radio. I have reviewed several other models based on the same DSP chipset: the Silicon Labs SI4844–see … Continue reading

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WiNRADiO introduces the Excalibur Pro WB (WR-G35DDCi): an SDR with 32 MHz bandwidth

The new WinRadio WR-G35DDCi will reecord 32 MHz of simultaneous bandwidth; in other words, the entire MW and HF bands. Of course, you’ll need a Petabyte hard drive to store that data! (Source: WinRadio Press Release) The Australian manufacturer WiNRADiO, … Continue reading

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CommRadio offering sale on CR-1 for a limited time

Gary writes: There is a limited time sale on the CommRadio CR-1 communications receiver. I received this offer via email today. CommRadio is offering a SPECIAL SALE through Sunday, May 26th, 2013 Purchase a CR-1 Communications Receiver, with the battery included … Continue reading

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A review of the Degen DE32 shortwave radio: compared with the DE321 and Tecsun PL-380

The Degen DE32 is one of the latest DSP-based analog radios to hit the market. In the past, I have reviewed two others: the Degen DE321 and the Kchibo KK-9803. Tecsun had announced a version of their own–the Tecsun R-2010–which … Continue reading

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