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The WSJ features Willis Conover

(Source: Wall Street Journal via Any Sennitt) The Radio Broadcaster Who Fought the Cold War Abroad but Remained Unheard at Home By DOUG RAMSEY During the Cold War, listeners in captive nations behind the Iron Curtain huddled around radios in … Continue reading

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Shortwave Radio Recordings: Voice of Greece

For your listening pleasure: the Voice of Greece. This was recorded on 29 June 2015 starting around 01:50 UTC on  9,420 kHz using my WinRadio Excalibur and my horizontal delta loop external (wire) antenna. I’m very pleased with this off-air … Continue reading

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Socotra Island: Myke posts tracks from 2013 travels

Myke Dodge Weiskopf, over at ShortWaveMusic, writes: “Hello friends: Long time no see. I’ve finally posted the final 21 tracks from our 2013 season on Socotra Island: transmissions from Eritrea, China, Iran, and Tajikistan. Enjoy.” For more information about Myke’s on-going … Continue reading

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Shortwave Radio Recordings: The Mighty KBC

For your listening pleasure: three hours of The Mighty KBC. This broadcast was recorded on May 24, 2015 starting around 00:00 UTC on 9,925 kHz. I used the TitanSDR Pro hooked up to my skyloop antenna to capture this recording–in … Continue reading

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Music discovery via shortwave radio

A few days ago, SWLing Post reader LondonShortwave posted a playlist on his blog; it’s a great playlist of music he’s been exposed to via shortwave radio broadcasters over the years. I was quite inspired by this playlist (of all absolutely brilliant songs, by the way), not … Continue reading

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Pirate Radio Recordings: Radio Casablanca

Thursday night at 00:00 UTC, I was pleased to hear the interval signal of one of my favorite pirate radio stations: Radio Casablanca. “Rick Blaine” fired up his AM transmitter and pumped out some amazing WWII era music on 6,940 … Continue reading

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Missing Cities Mix

Regular SWLing Post readers may recall a peculiar VOLMET recording I published in 2013 where all of the regional aviation weather was noted as “missing.” My buddy, David Goren–you know, the fellow behind the Shortwave Shindig and Shortwaveology–gave me the original tip for … Continue reading

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