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My new (to me) Sony ICF-2001 shortwave radio

A few weeks ago, I made an impulse purchase: a Sony ICF-2001. Perhaps it was the post about John Lennon’s ICF-2001, or perhaps it was the simple fact I couldn’t afford a ‘2001 when I was a kid; either way, I … Continue reading

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How Bob found his Zenith “Bomber”

After posting a link to Paul Litwinovich’s Zenith Transoceanic article, SWLing Post reader, Bob LaRose (W6ACU) sent me the following message: “Just a quick story to follow-up on the excellent Zenith Transoceanic article today. It brought back a lot of great … Continue reading

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Paul Litwinovich sheds light on the “Royalty of Radios”

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Paul, who points out this excellent article about the Zenith Transoceanic by Paul Litwinovich of WSHU.  Litwinovich’s article covers a brief history of the Zenith Transoceanic series including photos from his amazing collection (check out his model … Continue reading

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Recording Deutsche Welle Kigali’s final broadcast and remembering its early days

Yesterday, Deutsche Welle transmitted its final broadcast from the Kigali, Rwanda relay station. Since I’ve only had moderate luck hearing the Kigali site the past few days–especially on 31 meters–I fired up the TitanSDR Pro (which is still currently under review) … Continue reading

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Latest addition to the RNI Mailbag archive

Dan Lewis, from RNI’s Mailbag show, describes the latest addition to his audio archive: You can’t keep a good pirate down. Another snow-filled weekend in NYC seems like a good time to go back in time to November 11, 1990. Al … Continue reading

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BBC Bush House desk on eBay

Want to own an bit of shortwave radio broadcasting history? Many thanks to Mike Barraclough who shares this listing on eBay: a BBC World Service Broadcast Radio Studio Desk from the Bush house in London. Starting bid is £999–yep, that’s some serious money–and you’ll need … Continue reading

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Zenith R520A/URR Transoceanic Radio on eBay

Since I’m a complete sucker for Signal Corps radios, my buddy David Korchin (K2WNW), thought it would be a great idea to tempt me with this recent listing on eBay: a rare Zenith R520A/URR. Let’s be fair. It’s gorgeous.  And … Continue reading

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