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beHAVior Night celebrates 8 years on WBCQ

beHAVior Night’s host “Sir Scratchy” writes: “This coming Friday marks the 8th anniversary of beHAVior Night on WBCQ! We will celebrate with an encore presentation of episode number one! Yes the first progamme to air on WBCQ. A blast from … Continue reading

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Wartime radio: The secret listeners

After publishing the post about Geoff Hanley and the Radio Security Service last week, I discovered this brilliant 1979 documentary from the BBC which highlights civilian involvement in radio-based intelligence during WWI and WWII. Here’s a description from the East Anglian Film Archive: “It … Continue reading

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1930s refrigerator had built-in radio

Many thanks to Andy Sennitt for sharing this fascinating piece of radio nostalgia: Gizmodo columnist, Matt Novak, writes: Jesse Walker, author of the book Rebels on the Air: An Alternative History of Radio in America, pointed me to this rather … Continue reading

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Geoff Hanley and the Radio Security Service

Many thanks to my friend, Phillip, for sharing this brilliant article from the Express and Star: Researchers discover Wolverhampton man’s secret past He was a happily married insurance agent with a secret that he took to the grave.  Geoff Hanley … Continue reading

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Paul Litwinovich’s Vintage Radio series

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Richard Cuff, for pointing out a brilliant series of articles called Vintage Radio by WSHU Chief Engineer, Paul Litwinovich. Here are links to each article written thus far in the Vintage Radio series. If you would like … Continue reading

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Nothing on the bands? Check out the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive!

Alas! Lately, the sun has been playing tricks on those of us who enjoy the magic of radio wave propagation. Due to solar disruptions in the ionosphere, propagation has been fickle, albeit with a few good openings. And it’s not likely to get … Continue reading

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How to listen: A 1930 BBC radio manual

Many thanks to David Goren for sharing this article from Open Culture: A comparison between the invention of radio and that of the Internet need not be a strained or superfical exercise. Parallels abound. The communication tool that first drew … Continue reading

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