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Dashtoons: Über cool radio art by Jeff K1NSS

Among the fascinating people I met at the Dayton Hamvention this year was Jeff Murray, K1NSS. Though Jeff and I have communicated online, our paths had not yet crossed in real life; I was very pleased to finally meet him in person. … Continue reading

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BBC broadcasts original D-Day news scripts

Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day: the WWII Normandy invasion. In honor, the BBC has been broadcasting the original radio news scripts throughout the day, at the same time of day they would have been originally broadcast. The news scripts … Continue reading

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Today: Choppy seas for the Shipping Forecast

Since the dawn of time, there is, there was, and there always has been…the Shipping Forecast. We set our clocks by it. Despite the complexities of our planet–war, famine, daytime television–the Shipping Forecast has been there for us.  Our steady friend … Continue reading

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Jerry’s flea market and estate sale radios

SWLing Post reader, Jerry (WW0E) writes: “Sorry I missed your table at Dayton. Managed to add 4 old 1940′s 1950′s era broadcast band radios to my collection, had a great time. [Here is a] picture of my 1938 Wards dial tone with … Continue reading

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Dayton Hamvention flea market: a few photos

I had a little over one hour to check out the Dayton Hamvention flea market yesterday morning before manning our inside exhibitor’s table for Ears To Our World. Here are a few radios that caught my attention: I actually purchased … Continue reading

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Shortwave Radio Recordings: HCJB 45th Anniversary, December 25, 1976

I’m very grateful to Shortwave Radio Audio Archive contributor, Greg Shoom, who is digitizing shortwave radio recordings he made in the 1970′s. His latest contribution is a 1976 recording of HCJB’s 45th Anniversary broadcast. This is a special program, broadcast on Christmas Day … Continue reading

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SWLing with heavy metal: my Signal Corps BC-348-Q

I write a great deal about DSP portables, SDRs, and modern ham radio transceivers, but truth be known, my passion is for older rigs–ahem, much older–the antique “boat anchors” of the radio world. Tuesday afternoon, I had a rather involved soldering project to do on behalf of … Continue reading

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