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David Goren’s Cold War mix

Feeling nostalgic for the Cold War?  David Goren recently posted the following audio mix and description on his excellent website, “This mashup of vintage cold war propaganda (mostly) from Radio Moscow’s North American Service was made for The Schizophonic Archive, … Continue reading

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Thank you…!

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US, my favorite holiday of the year. This day gives us a chance to pause, give thanks, and feel gratitude–for our friends, family, and life. Despite congested roads and airports as folks make the homeward journey, Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Name that dial!

Yesterday, I acquired another antique radio (yes, a “boat anchor”) for my modest collection of vintage receivers. I took a quick close-up photo of its backlit dial (above). For fun, I’m curious if any SWLing Post readers can name the radio … Continue reading

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Does Shortwave Radio Have a Future?

This article originally appeared in the October 2014 issue of The Spectrum Monitor Magazine. There’s a topic I’d like to put on table. One that, in my radio-centric world, stirs up a fair amount of discussion…and, truth be told, apprehension. The question, … Continue reading

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San Diego Elephant Cage scheduled for demolition

On the topic of Wullenweber antennas, SWLing Post reader, Mike, points to this article on U-T San Diego’s website: Navy’s mysterious ‘elephant cage’ retired: Cold War-era structure a visual landmark on Silver Strand Beachgoers will say goodbye this month to the … Continue reading

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John Lennon and the Sony ICF-2001

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Robert Yowell, who writes: “I happen to be a huge Beatles fan, and especially a fan of John Lennon’s solo music as well. The last album he recorded was “Double Fantasy” which was made in … Continue reading

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Tearing down an Elephant Cage

This past week, I posted a couple of articles about Wullenweber antennas (a.k.a. “Elephant Cages”). Many thanks to Andrea Borgnino who shares this article by Joseph Trevithick via The U.S. Air Force Is Tearing Down a Giant Spy Antenna: ’Elephant cages’ … Continue reading

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