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Mike’s thrift store find: a Panasonic RF-888

SWLing Post contributor Mike (K8RAT) writes: I happened upon a good find of a vintage radio recently when I visited my local Goodwill store in a small city in Ohio. Among the electronic equipment on a shelf I discovered a … Continue reading

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Silicon Labs DSP chip homebrew receiver

The Silicon Labs Si4730 series DSP receiver chip powers many of the portable shortwave radios currently on the market. Manufacturers are not the only ones implementing the chip in receiver design, however; radio enthusiasts are too. I recently discovered this … Continue reading

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Moshe’s early birthday gift: a Philips 90AL765

SWLing Post contributor, Moshe, writes: After reading your post about your Panasonic RF2200 pre-birthday present, I decided I want to do the same. The radio I chose has a story behind it… My Grandfather had the same exact radio. I … Continue reading

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Initial review of the Sangean ATS-405

PLEASE NOTE: After publishing the following review, Sangean has kindly agreed to dispatch a second unit for comparison. After receiving feedback from readers who own ATS-405s (thank you!), I strongly suspect my review unit is flawed. I will post an … Continue reading

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Tecsun PL-600: $74.99 shipped at Amazon

SWLing Post reader, Tom Ally, writes to say that the Tecsun PL-600 is currently on sale at for $74.99, shipping included. While this is not a deep discount, he notes that it is a lot of radio for the … Continue reading

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In Pacific Islands, newspapers are a “luxury item”, radio remains the “staple medium”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Richard Cuff, who shares the following article from The Saturday Paper. The article¬†speaks to¬†how important radio is to Pacific Islanders, and the challenges Radio Australia faces with its budget: “For many Pacific islanders, newspapers … Continue reading

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Dan’s advice for prospective Sony CRF-320/CRF-330 owners

In response to our Sony CRF-320 post, SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, comments: “Thanks for posting this item. I’m the moderator of the Yahoo group for SONY 320 and 330s — they are quite common these days on EBay. The … Continue reading

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