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Dave reviews the Kenwood R-1000

My buddy, Dave Zantow (N9EWO), has apprised me of a new review he has published of the classic Kenwood R-1000 receiver. Dave comments that he doesn’t normally review discontinued sets anymore, but he made an exception for the R-1000 as it “was so unique/good and … Continue reading

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My new (to me) Sony ICF-2001 shortwave radio

A few weeks ago, I made an impulse purchase: a Sony ICF-2001. Perhaps it was the post about John Lennon’s ICF-2001, or perhaps it was the simple fact I couldn’t afford a ‘2001 when I was a kid; either way, I … Continue reading

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Paul Litwinovich sheds light on the “Royalty of Radios”

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Paul, who points out this excellent article about the Zenith Transoceanic by Paul Litwinovich of WSHU.  Litwinovich’s article covers a brief history of the Zenith Transoceanic series including photos from his amazing collection (check out his model … Continue reading

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Roundup of software defined radios

  Many thanks to several readers (including Mike and Greg) who have shared a link to’s Roundup of Software Defined Receivers. The list gives an excellent, comprehensive overview of SDRs currently on the market. I encourage you to check … Continue reading

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Wyn compares the SDRplay RSP and Airspy

After posting about the price reduction in the SDRplay RSP, Wyn Evans commented with his comparison of the SDRplay RSP and Airspy (another popular low-cost wideband SDR). Wyn writes: I have both and Airspy and the SDRplay RSP. I like them … Continue reading

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The new Sangean WR-15 AM/FM radio

Jeff over at the excellent Herculodg blog, is about to pull the trigger on this Sangean WR-15. I must admit, I’m mighty tempted, too–about as tempted as I get for radios lacking shortwave coverage. I love the simple design, the analog … Continue reading

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Software Defined Receivers (SDRs) for the visually impaired listener

At the 2015 Winter SWL Fest, I co-hosting a forum on Software-Defined Radios.  Afterwards, a radio friend–who happens to be visually impaired–approached me to ask: “What is the best SDR for those who are blind or visually impaired?” I’d never been asked … Continue reading

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