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Tecsun PL-680 now available on eBay

The Tecsun PL-680 is now available on eBay via my favorite Hong Kong-based seller, Anon-Co. Pricing is currently $105.99 + $18.00 shipping to UK/US, $29.00 shipping to everyone else. Click here to read my review of the PL-680. Click here … Continue reading

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Jay’s review of the Sony TFM-8000W

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Ron, who shares this link to Jay Allen’s review of the classic Sony TFM-8000W. Last year, at the Dayton Hamvention, I picked up a Sony TFM-1600W; I find it to be an amazingly sensitive radio with … Continue reading

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Tecsun PL-380: Murray’s new travel radio

SWLing Post reader, Murray, recently took the Tecsun PL-380 with him on a trip to view the solar eclipse and then to Morocco for an extended excursion. He writes: We flew out of Billund Denmark for the [solar] eclipse flight. A … Continue reading

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Dan compares the McKay-Dymek DR33-C6 to three other benchmark receivers

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who shares this YouTube video comparing four of his receivers: the McKay Dymek DR33-C6, the East German made RFT EKD 515, Japan Radio Company NRD-301A, and his Watkins Johnson 8718A/MFPWJ WJ .

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Sangean WR-15: great looks, but poor performance?

Jeff, over at the Herculodge, writes with some disappointing news: What a shame John bought the WR-15 and thinks it stinks: Oh, that is a shame. An AM/FM radio with poor AM/FM sensitivity has little appeal (even if it … Continue reading

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Tinkering with the Credit Card Crystal Radio

A few weeks ago, we published a short post about a credit card crystal radio from an eBay seller in the UK. I purchased a kit–at $17-18 US shipped, it’s quite a modest investment for what might be a fun little project. … Continue reading

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Dave Zantow’s Grundig G2 Notes

After posting the recent mini review of the Grundig G2 Reporter, Dave Zontow (N9EWO) notes: I just completed updates on my reviews page regarding these models. Owners should take note for the cure with excessive battery consumption when OFF … Continue reading

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