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Amazon still has the RadioShack DX-402

Yesterday, we learned about the excellent deal Paul found on the RadioShack DX-402 (a.k.a. Sangean ATS-505). Within a few hours of posting the retailer sold out on and then a little later on eBay. I checked Amazon this morning and … Continue reading

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Maplin stocks the Tecsun PL-660

If you live near a Maplin retail store in the UK you’ll be happy to note that they now sell the excellent Tecsun PL-660 portable radio. Many thanks to London Shortwave who snapped the above shot in his local Maplin store. He … Continue reading

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RadioShack turnaround is ‘nearly impossible’

Many thanks to Dave and Skip for sharing this article from the Wall Street Journal which highlights the struggle RadioShack faces this year: an effort to modernize before their stock value slips to zero: (Source: The Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch) … Continue reading

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Results of the Shortwave Portable weak signal shoot-out

Thanks to all who participated in our shoot-out!  Last week, I posted three recordings of a weak shortwave broadcast in an attempt to evaluate which recording–thus which radio–our listeners prefer. The test was “blind” in that, though four radios were evaluated, only three … Continue reading

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Universal Radio now shipping the Tecsun PL-880

Universal Radio is now shipping the Tecsun PL-880–I understand that all of their units are firmware version 8820. Click here to check out the PL-880 at Universal Radio’s website. To read our review of the Tecsun PL-880, click here.

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RadioShack to close 500 retail stores

After serving up a comical, self-effacing Super Bowl ad on Sunday, RadioShack’s stock momentarily surged, only to plummet after RadioShack announced yesterday that they are to close about 500 of their 4,500 retail stores in the coming months. RadioShack admitted through … Continue reading

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Sangean 909X on sale

SWLing Post reader, Tom, writes: Just thought I would tell you that at the moment I am seeing the White Sangean 909X Shortwave radio on sale from Amazon for $163.81 at the moment. Says on the page it is 64% … Continue reading

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