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A review of the Melson S8 shortwave radio

The radio manufacturer, Melson, caught my attention a couple of years ago when it released the Melson M7–an AM/FM radio with a built-in MicroSD MP3 player. It wasn’t that an AM/FM/MP3 combo radio was that unique or novel, rather, what … Continue reading

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Mehmet Burk reviews the Degen DE660 and DE1126

SWLing Post reader, Mehmet Burk, has apprised me of reviews he has published of the Degen DE660 and DE1126. Until reading Mehmet’s review, I was not aware of the Degen DE660 (FM/Blutooth/MP3 player). He states the DE660, “will fill a room or vehicle … Continue reading

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Portables, SDRs, dongles, kits, and a spy radio: our virtual radio challenge responses

Two weeks ago, I posted a virtual challenge for SWLing Post readers:  I asked you to imagine you were placed on a one-year research assignment on one of the world’s most remote inhabited islands, namely, Tristan Da Cunha, in the South Atlantic. Your goal … Continue reading

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A short review of the KX3 helper: a simple, effective non-slip pad

I recently purchased the KX3 helper from Steve (W1SFR) and can report that I’ve been very pleased with this uber-simple, affordable, non-slip tilt pad. While I like the built-in tilt legs on the Elecraft KX3, I prefer slightly more angle for operation … Continue reading

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Results of the Shortwave Portable weak signal shoot-out

Thanks to all who participated in our shoot-out!  Last week, I posted three recordings of a weak shortwave broadcast in an attempt to evaluate which recording–thus which radio–our listeners prefer. The test was “blind” in that, though four radios were evaluated, only three … Continue reading

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Weak signals: Which radio do you prefer?

I’m in the process of reviewing a number of shortwave portables and pitting them against each other. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to decide which radio is better–especially if you have more than two radios to compare at a time. … Continue reading

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Updates to the Shortwave Broadcast Schedules smart phone app

A smartphone app that I find quite useful is Shortwave Broadcast Schedules by Chris Smolinski at Black Cat Systems. Chris has just announced an update which adds features like the ability to enable schedule reminders as well as keep track of … Continue reading

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