Update: From the Isle of Music

ftiomfromomar212016Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Bill Tilford, who shares this From The Isle of Music update:

March 21 in the Americas (March 22 in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania), our very special guest will be Ivan Acosta, leader of the Jazz ensemble Grupo de Cuba Somos in Santiago de Cuba, along with 3 songs by his ensemble. Also, more of Piñera Concertante, some vintage 1970s hits by Los Latinos and Grupo Los Llamas and some Timba from Dayron y El Boom.

*** Every Monday night from 8pm-9pm EDT in North, Central and South America (Tuesday morning from 0000-0100 UTC in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania) on the short waves on WBCQ The Planet, 7.490 MHz: From the Isle of Music, a new radio program dedicated to the music of Cuba – Jazz, Fusion, Timba, Nueva Trova, Son, Classical, Folklorica, interviews with musicians, even a little history of the music now and then. Partly in English, en parte en español. “Like” our page to keep informed about what we will bring you. (For those without shortwave or outside of viable signal range, there are also a couple of ways to stream the frequency via Internet; see the instructions in our NOTES section).

Hobart Radio International’s weekend shortwave schedule


(Source: Hobart Radio International on Facebook)

We are on air this weekend covering three continents:

Channel 292 6070 19h00-19h30UTC Saturdays (Europe)
Channel 292 6070 00h00-00h30UTC Sunday
Channel 292 6070 12h30-13h00UTC Monday
Radio 700 7310 15h00-15h30UTC Sundays (Europe)
WRMI 9955 4h30-5h00UTC Sundays (North, South America, India)
WBCQ 5130 3h30-4h00UTC Mondays (North America)

World FM 88.2MHz 3h30-4UTC Thursdays (Tawa, New Zealand)
Soundwave FM 107.7MHz & 87.8MHz Sundays (Napier, New Zealand)

If you’ve not heard our shortwave community service before due to time differences or interference this weekend is your weekend! You can send reception reports for eQSL verification to: hriradio@gmail.com

WRMI test transmissions for Radio Taiwan International

WRMI Logo(Source: WRMI on Facebook)

Friends, we’re doing another round of tests for Radio Taiwan International the nights of March 13, 14 and 15 (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) in a new frequency of 11530 Khz.

The transmissions will be at 0000-0100 and 0200-0300 UTC (UTC Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). Very grateful any observation on the quality of the reception in your area, and especially a comparison between the two hours. Thank you in advance.

Please send your reception reports to WRMI using the following email address: info@wrmi.net

Ofcom charts of UK spectrum allocations

UK-Ofcom-MapMany thanks to SWLing Post reader, Colin, who writes:

This chart may be familiar to some, for others like me who has just found it, this will be a very useful one-stop information page for UK spectrum allocations for scanning the bands.


Thanks, Colin! Ofcom has done a fantastic job making this data accessible. Individual maps for each chunk of spectrum can be downloaded as well.

Slight change to Paul’s Channel 292 broadcast

HalliDialSWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who hosts a radio show on WBCQ and Channel 292, writes:

My WBCQ broadcast has changed, slightly. It will be on 9330, still, but 5110 has moved to 5130 khz.

[Also] to avoid a collision with Vaitcan Radio on 6070 khz, which is on 2140-2200, my Channel 292 broadcast moves from its originally scheduled airtime of 2100-2300 UTC to 2205-0005 UTC.

Thanks for the update, Paul!

Radio Six International: special five hour broadcast on shortwave

RadioSixInternationalMany thanks to Mike Terry for the following news from Radio Six International:

Coming this month…..Ewan Spence takes us to Austin, Texas for a series of daily shows from the gigantic annual music festival South by South West beginning on Monday, March 14th at 20:00 GMT

We’ll be back on shortwave later this month, with a special five hour broadcast in the 49 metre band on Saturday 19th March from 12:00 to 17:00 GMT. As well as the usual programmes there will be a special two-hour live edition of Saturday Sounds hosted by Tony Currie and including live emails and messages. Listen online as usual or tune in to 6070kHz (49.39m) from a transmitter near Munich in Germany.

Great new music from a huge variety of worldwide artists every night in Random Play at 20:00 GMT.

B15 update: Alan Roe’s guide to music on shortwave

Music-On-Shortwave-Alan-RoeMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Alan Roe, who shares his updated  Music on Shortwave list for the B15 period.

If you love listening to music on the shortwaves, you’ll love Alan’s free guide.

Click here to download Music on Shortwave B-15 (v3.1)