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Deutsche Welle to close Kigali relay March 28, 2015

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Mike, who writes: “I wanted to pass on a quick (and unfortunate) word that Deutsche Welle will be closing its Kigali, Rwanda relay on March 28th. This word came from the Wavescan program on … Continue reading

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Wyn compares the SDRplay RSP and Airspy

After posting about the price reduction in the SDRplay RSP, Wyn Evans commented with his comparison of the SDRplay RSP and Airspy (another popular low-cost wideband SDR). Wyn writes: I have both and Airspy and the SDRplay RSP. I like them … Continue reading

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Software Defined Receivers (SDRs) for the visually impaired listener

At the 2015 Winter SWL Fest, I co-hosting a forum on Software-Defined Radios.  Afterwards, a radio friend–who happens to be visually impaired–approached me to ask: “What is the best SDR for those who are blind or visually impaired?” I’d never been asked … Continue reading

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Radio Vanuatu back on the air

My friend and fellow DXer, Rob Wagner, writes: R. Vanuatu has been off the air for ages. It has suddenly come back on in the last hour or so on 7259.95 kHz and 3945 kHz with post-cyclone assistance and information. … Continue reading

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BBC Bush House desk on eBay

Want to own an bit of shortwave radio broadcasting history? Many thanks to Mike Barraclough who shares this listing on eBay: a BBC World Service Broadcast Radio Studio Desk from the Bush house in London. Starting bid is £999–yep, that’s some serious money–and you’ll need … Continue reading

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SDRplay RSP: now $149 or £99

I just received the following tweet from @SDRplay: We’ve been able to reduce the SDRplay RSP price to $149 or £99 (approx €149 ) + tax/shipping. See  I’ve just started reviewing the SDRplay RSP for the June 2015 issue … Continue reading

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Missing Cities Mix

Regular SWLing Post readers may recall a peculiar VOLMET recording I published in 2013 where all of the regional aviation weather was noted as “missing.” My buddy, David Goren–you know, the fellow behind the Shortwave Shindig and Shortwaveology–gave me the original tip for … Continue reading

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