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Guest Post: Brian’s 1974 mix tape of off-air shortwave radio recordings

Many thanks to SWLing Post and Shortwave Radio Audio Archive contributor, Brian Smith, for the following guest post and vintage recording: Shortwave Radio 1974: Canada, Argentina, Spain, West Germany, Albania, utility stations -Brian Smith (W9IND) Want to know what shortwave radio … Continue reading

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Android tablet SDRs?

SWLing Post reader, Philip, writes with the following question: “I want to know if you are aware of any good shortwave receivers that can be used on an Android tablet.” I am aware of the Android SDR application, SDR Touch (see image … Continue reading

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Primary, Ion, and Polymer: a lithium battery primer

Lithium primary, lithium ion, lithium polymer…want to know the differences between–and varied uses for–these diverse types of lithium batteries? You’re not alone…so did I. Recently, a reader asked about the suitability of using AA Lithium batteries in a Tecsun radio.  Several knowledgeable Post contributors–including Richard … Continue reading

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Tecsun R-911: $15.80 with free shipping at Amazon

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader “RCXB” who comments: “Another radio deal, if you don’t mind the writing in Chinese, you can get a Tecsun R-911 for just $15.80… A couple dollars cheaper than its already-cheap re-branded Kaito WRX911 namesake … Continue reading

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Universal Radio: Used Tecsun PL-680 for $69.95

I just noticed that Universal Radio is featuring the following used Tecsun PL-680 in their used receiver collection. Here’s the description: The Tecsun PL-680 receives longwave, AM, FM and SW bands plus VHF Airband. It features a backlit digital display, … Continue reading

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Bob’s review of the C.Crane CC Skywave

SWLing Post reader, Bob C., recently shared his review of the C.Crane CC Skywave portable radio: Well, I just received my new CC Skywave radio and it’s terrific! I own a lot of portable radios (including several Tecsun DSP sets), … Continue reading

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Jeff finds a solution for sticky preset buttons on the CC-Radio 2E

Jeff, over at the Herculodge blog, recently posted that the preset #2 button on his C.Crane CC-Radio 2E had become so sticky, it was almost to the point of not being functional. One of his readers suggested that he use Deoxit … Continue reading

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