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STF Radio: 1 Hour Million Watt Special, April 20

STF Radio sent the following announcement for their “1-hour Million-Watt Special”:     ___________ ____  ____  __   ___  _  ___        / ___/_   __| ___||    \|  \ |   \(_)/ _ \       \___ … Continue reading

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A few SWLing Post readers have recently recommended that I check out a new shortwave radio schedule site: has a unique layout that lists broadcast schedules along with a map that displays broadcast footprints (both short and long path). … Continue reading

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Weak signals: Which radio do you prefer?

I’m in the process of reviewing a number of shortwave portables and pitting them against each other. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to decide which radio is better–especially if you have more than two radios to compare at a time. … Continue reading

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Shortwave Shindig rebroadcast, April 18 and 19

This just in from David Goren at Shortwaveology: Shortwave Shindig rebroadcast! The show originally broadcast on 3/14 will be heard again on WRMI: Friday, April 18, at 6-7 pm ET (2200-2300 UTC) and Saturday, April 19 at 11 pm-12 midnight … Continue reading

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Another solution for whole-house shortwave

London Shortwave posts the following on Twitter: Inspired by @SWLingDotCom‘s RaspberryPi post I put this together to listen to the radio in my shack around the house  On YouTube, London Shortwave explains that much of his modern system was … Continue reading

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Pirate Radio Recordings: Chairman of the Board Radio

For your listening pleasure: a short 20 minute broadcast from the pirate radio station, Chairman of the Board Radio–recorded Saturday, April 12, 2014 starting around 3:30 UTC. Chairman of the Board Radio was broadcasting on 6,935 kHz in the upper side … Continue reading

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Updates to the Shortwave Broadcast Schedules smart phone app

A smartphone app that I find quite useful is Shortwave Broadcast Schedules by Chris Smolinski at Black Cat Systems. Chris has just announced an update which adds features like the ability to enable schedule reminders as well as keep track of … Continue reading

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