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A recap of the 2015 Winter SWL Fest

The following article originally appeared in the April 2015 issue of The Spectrum Monitor magazine. Every year, I attend two great radio conventions: the Dayton Hamvention and the Winter SWL Fest. While the Dayton Hamvention draws a massive crowd of … Continue reading

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Listener Post: Greg Blair

Greg Blair’s radio story is the latest in our series called Listener Posts, where I place all of your personal radio histories. If you would like to add your story to the mix, simply send your story by email! In the meantime, many thanks to … Continue reading

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Wojtek Gwiazda retires from RCI

My friend, Wojtek Gwiazda, who has been a host and journalist for Radio Canada International–and an integral part of the RCI Action Committee–has retired. Click here to listen to an exit interview with Wojtek on RCI’s The Link. Also, check out this … Continue reading

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Sean’s A15 Season International Broadcasting Statistics

Many thanks to Sean Gilbert, International Editor at the World Radio TV Handbook, who is kindly sharing some international broadcasting statistics with us again. These statistics were originally posted on the WRTH Facebook group: Seasonal Language Output Comparison [F]or the … Continue reading

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Improving audio fidelity with JBL C2PS monitor speakers

Last year at the W4DXCC conference in Sevierville, Tennessee, I spent some quality time with Bob Heil (K9EID). Bob is the mastermind behind Heil Sound as well as the host of HamNation, a show devoted to all aspects of amateur radio––yet this job … Continue reading

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Music discovery via shortwave radio

A few days ago, SWLing Post reader LondonShortwave posted a playlist on his blog; it’s a great playlist of music he’s been exposed to via shortwave radio broadcasters over the years. I was quite inspired by this playlist (of all absolutely brilliant songs, by the way), not … Continue reading

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WRTH A15 update

(Source: WRTH Facebook group via Sean Gilbert) ***ANNOUNCEMENT*** WRTH has released their A15 International Radio & COTB schedules file. The A15 schedules file is available for free download (whilst donations are appreciated, they are by no means mandatory). Use the … Continue reading

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