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Dave’s FM station empire

Dave Schmarder (N2DS) enjoys making radios and featuring them on his website, What you may not know is that he also runs his own FM stations empire…and you can too: I thought your visitors might be interested in my FM … Continue reading

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BBC: Curators discover first recordings of Christmas Day

An amazing piece of recorded history: (Source: BBC News) Curators at the Museum of London have discovered what they believe to be the first ever recordings of a family Christmas. They were made 110 years ago by the Wall family … Continue reading

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One bag + radio = the way to go

Having just returned from nearly three full weeks of traveling, I’m more convinced than ever that my just-one carry-on bag approach makes absolute sense. In one bag, I’m able to take everything I need, including casual and business attire, toiletries, first … Continue reading

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Get your radio nostalgia fix from The UK 1940s Radio Station

Several months ago, I wrote a post confessing that I recently embraced internet radio, and since then have been using a very affordable Cricket Android Phone as an inexpensive, portable wi-fi radio. You see, though I prefer listening to shortwave … Continue reading

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Gmail Tap: email with morse code?

Google has once again featured a radio-related theme–this time (unfortunately!) as an April Fool’s joke. This video will explain it all:

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Can you identify this radio?

SWLing Post reader, Kim, wondered if anyone could identify the make and model of the radio (pictured right) which had been modified to contain a bomb. Terrorists used these devices recently in Thailand.  ABC News featured an article and video … Continue reading

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My New Year’s preparedness test

Last year, we published two popular articles on preparedness. As I mention in the articles, I’m no hard-core survivalist, but I certainly believe in  being prepared. This year, on New Year’s day, I got tested. Big time.  Here’s what happened: … Continue reading

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