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Radio Australia facing serious cuts

One of my favorite broadcasters, Radio Australia, is facing severe cuts as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s international broadcasting budget of $35 million is being cut in more than half. Below, I’ve copied excerpts from two news sources with links. I will post updates … Continue reading

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The World Cup on shortwave, continents apart

Yesterday, I was primed to follow the FIFA World Cup semi-final match featuring the Netherlands vs. Argentina. Moreover, we have good friends from Germany visiting; of course, they wanted to see who their winning team will be playing in the final match come Sunday. … Continue reading

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Voice of Russia broadcasts lack any mention of sweeping changes to state news agency

This morning, I tuned to the Voice of Russia (a.k.a. Radio VR) English language service to hear the state news agency’s take on the sweeping changes President Vladimir Putin implemented yesterday. I expected the story to be somewhat buried amongst … Continue reading

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The BBC crosses an ethical line in North Korea

If you’ve been a reader of the SWLing Post for long, you may know I am an avid supporter of free speech via radio and other media; I am also a strong advocate of journalistic ethics.  Following, I share choice words about a … Continue reading

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Pirate Radio Recordings: Radio GaGa

For your listening pleasure: 28 minutes of pirate radio fun, courtesy of Radio GaGa. Recorded on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013–starting around 00:10 UTC–on 6.925 MHz (USB). Click here to download the MP3 of the recording, or simply listen below: Standard … Continue reading

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Large Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) to hit earth January 24th

CME‘s have a very negative effect on shortwave radio. This particular CME is the largest to hit earth in 7 years–certain high-flying airplanes may even be re-routed. On the positive note, the strong ensuing geo-magnet storms should create some beautiful aurorasin … Continue reading

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BBC report on the restoration of a WWII Tunny Machine

Occasionally, I happen upon news articles that are only marginally shortwave radio related but certainly embody the spirit and nostalgia of radio. This is such an article. Kudos to the BBC for reporting on the full restoration of a WWII … Continue reading

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