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Victor Goonetilleke: The joy of DXing

Victor Goonetilleke has kindly shared a passage he recently posted to Facebook. Victor pretty much sums up why I still listen to the shortwaves: “For almost four score and 5 I enjoyed shortwave radio. Yes I was a DXer, and … Continue reading

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Weekend Hamfesting: Waynesville, NC

Saturday morning, I drove to Waynesville, North Carolina, for the Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society‘s annual hamfest. I’d attended this small-town hamfest before; it has always been enjoyable, as I met friends and even found a few radio bargains. The Zenith TransOceanic, … Continue reading

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Radio Australia facing serious cuts

One of my favorite broadcasters, Radio Australia, is facing severe cuts as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s international broadcasting budget of $35 million is being cut in more than half. Below, I’ve copied excerpts from two news sources with links. I will post updates … Continue reading

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The World Cup on shortwave, continents apart

Yesterday, I was primed to follow the FIFA World Cup semi-final match featuring the Netherlands vs. Argentina. Moreover, we have good friends from Germany visiting; of course, they wanted to see who their winning team will be playing in the final match come Sunday. … Continue reading

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Voice of Russia broadcasts lack any mention of sweeping changes to state news agency

This morning, I tuned to the Voice of Russia (a.k.a. Radio VR) English language service to hear the state news agency’s take on the sweeping changes President Vladimir Putin implemented yesterday. I expected the story to be somewhat buried amongst … Continue reading

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The BBC crosses an ethical line in North Korea

If you’ve been a reader of the SWLing Post for long, you may know I am an avid supporter of free speech via radio and other media; I am also a strong advocate of journalistic ethics.  Following, I share choice words about a … Continue reading

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Pirate Radio Recordings: Radio GaGa

For your listening pleasure: 28 minutes of pirate radio fun, courtesy of Radio GaGa. Recorded on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013–starting around 00:10 UTC–on 6.925 MHz (USB). Click here to download the MP3 of the recording, or simply listen below: Standard … Continue reading

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