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Video: Build your own SDR

(Source: HamRadioNow via the Southgate ARC) “Need that title decoded? MDSR = Modulator/Demodulator Software Radio. DIY = Do It Yourself (DOH! I knew that), and SDR… can you guess? Yes! Software Defined Radio. OK? So, in this episode, Alex Schwarz VE7DXW will tell you … Continue reading

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Shortwave noise reduction via GarageBand plugin

Many thanks to @LondonShortwave, on Twitter, who made a video showing how to use a GarageBand plugin to filter noise out of shortwave audio in real time. He describes this on his YouTube channel: “I recently discovered a Mac AudioUnit plugin … Continue reading

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Video: Ken operates his Hallicrafter S-120 for the first time

In response to our last post regarding Hallicrafters’ promotional 45 RPM record, Ken Carr comments: “I got the entire promotional kit for the [Hallicrafters] S120 when I was a kid. My parents even bought the radio for me. I still … Continue reading

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The Amazing World of Short Wave Listening: Hallicrafters 45 RPM

SWLing Post reader, Michael Black, remembers the Hallicrafters 45 RPM promotional record in a comment: “All this talk of early listening, especially when it’s about the same period I joined in, reminds me of the Hallicrafter’s 45RPM record that was used … Continue reading

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Forcing the Tecsun PL-880 to use an external antenna on MW/LW

For those of you who aren’t satisfied with the PL-880′s internal ferrite antenna for mediumwave and longwave reception, here is a video explaining a work-around that will force the PL-880 to use an external antenna on those bands: Many thanks … Continue reading

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Video: PL-880 soft muting on SSB

Many on the PL-880 Yahoo Group have been reporting “soft mute” or “noise gate” audio jumps that are heard when the PL-880 is tuned to a weak SSB signal. SWLing Post reader, Tim, has a Tecsun PL-880 with firmware version 8819 (mine … Continue reading

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Radio Erena would like to reach a broader audience with shortwave

This is a fascinating video about how one Paris based clandestine radio station gets an independent voice into the only country in the world that rivals North Korea for a lack of press freedom: Eritrea. Radio Erena currently uses satellite … Continue reading

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