WTWW Christmas Shortwave Radio Picture Contest

Yes, though I'm not entering the contest, I am getting into the spirit of the season!

Though I’m not entering the WTWW contest, I *am* getting into the spirit of things!

(Source: WTWW via David Korchin, K2WNW)

It’s Christmas music on International Shortwave Radio Station WTWW. We want the shortwave radio to take the place of the electric train under the Christmas Tree! We are asking for pictures of your shortwave radios – the most festive picture wins! Include yourself, friends and family, include the Christmas tree, or deck your radio with boughs of Holly and all things Christmas!

Send your pictures to email@wtww.us for the chance to win the Grand Prize – a TW 2010 Antenna complete with the quadra stand and custom carry bag! During the week we are starting on 5085 kHz at 7pm CST until 11pm CST. On the weekends we are starting at 1pm CST on 9930 kHz until 7pm when we change to 5085 kHz and it will go until late into the night.

Blow the dust off of those classic radios and get them out of the closet or attic and Tune In for Bing Crosby, Montovani, Dean Martin, Burl Ives, Mannheim Steamroller and many more. There is nothing like the sound of Christmas music coming out of the speaker of a classic shortwave radio.

We will even accept creative pictures of not so classic radios and newer radios including SDR’s that look festive and capture the spirit of Christmas. We also love and welcome videos with WTWW playing in the background. If you think your radio can make Santa smile, then send us your picture – you could be our big winner! Other prizes will be announced as we go along.



P.O. Box 102
Lebanon, TN 37088

Tonight: Bob Grove on QSO Live with Ted Randall

imageMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Zantow (N9EWO), who shares the following via Ted Randall’s show, QSO Live:

New “QSO Live” on Tuesday evening December 15!! Host Ted Randall – WB8PUM & co-host Frank Howell – K4FMH welcome guest Bob Grove – W8JHD, Founder / President of Grove Enterprises & Founder / Publisher of Monitoring Times. This will air Live on WTWW 5085 KHz starting at 8pm CST – please join us!

This announcement may not reach many of you in time since the broadcast will begin in less than three hours from time of posting.

I will attempt to listen or, at least, make an off-air recording of the show.

Bill recommends WBCQ


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Bill (W8LV), who writes:

I hope the SWLing Audience out there is familiar with WBCQ, and owner Allan’s Show: Allan Weiner Worldwide. It is broadcast on WBCQ 7.490 every Friday at 8 PM EST. It’s a Free Form Show with an email and call in number.

Allan talks about anything that crosses his mind, and of course that includes radio with every show. All of the shows are also archived at www.wbcq.com, as are many of the other offerings of WBCQ.

I also want to mention that Former Pirate JP Ferraro has a show there called Shortwave Saturday Night.

There are also many other shows, both live and archived on the WBCQ website! Ham radio, Marion’s Attic with the old cylinder records, etc…

And, the merriment of Former NYC Pirate Johnny P. Lightning is heard on WBCQ every other Sunday from 8PM EST till 11PM, frequently with a pre-show that starts at 7:30PM. John also takes emails and calls. You can also catch John’s Show: Radio New York International, a.k.a. A Little Bit of Radio Everything Radio Extravaganzo live encores, with archived ALBORE
shows at the 11L Network site:

These are real radio people, folks. And WBCQ is such a wonderful station, currently broadcasting on three frequencies from Monticello, Maine.

I hope you tune in!

Bill, you’re right: WBCQ is an amazing independent shortwave broadcaster! WBCQ staff are all true die-hard shortwave listeners as well. A great bunch. I also tune to the shows you mentioned above–another one I love is beHAVior Night on WBCQ every Friday at 5:00 PM EST.

Thanks again, Bill!

The annual “Santa Net” on 3916 kHz


If you have a shortwave radio with SSB mode, you too can listen to the Santa Net on 3916 kHz LSB every night until Christmas starting at 01:30 UTC (7:30 PM CST). Of course, if you’re an amateur radio operator, you can talk to Santa as well!

(Source: Southgate ARC)

Santa Net 3916 kHz

Larry Shaunce WD0AKX provides a reminder that at this time of year kids can talk to Santa at the North Pole via amateur radio

Every year before Christmas, there is the Santa net on 3916 kHz on the 75 meter ham radio phone band 7:30 CST or 0130 UT. Round up your kids, grand kids, or neighbor’s kids and let them talk to Santa at the North Pole.

Watch Talk To Santa By Ham Radio – It’s The Santa Net On 3916 kHz!

Can you help Joel ID this Vietnamese station?


SWLing Post reader, Joel, writes:

“Is there a section of SWLing Post for SWL’s who manage to catch a highly unusual broadcast about which some of your members may have information? I refer to catching an S4+ transmission in northern Vietnamese from 1600-1630 GMT on 11,840 kHz last November? As linguist, SWL, ham and retired foreign service officer, this one has me totally stumped.”

Joel, I’m hoping a reader can assist you with your question. My only guess would be that this was a Vietnamese broadcast from KTWR Guam.

Please comment if you can help Joel identify this station!

Contact info for Dandal Kura Radio?

Nigeria-Map2SWLing Post reader, Ian Cattermole, writes:

I am listening to Dandal Kura Radio here in NZ. Reception is very good now at 0645 UTC on 7,415 kHz. Would you happen to have an e-mail contact for this broadcaster? I would like to send them a reception report.

Any help appreciated. Many thanks and best wishes.

I checked online and my copy of the 2015 WRTH, but could find no contact info for Dandal Kura Radio. The Dandal Kura Radio website appears to be down at the moment. Ian, they do have a Facebook page, so you could attempt to contact them with a private message (assuming you have a Facebook account).

Here is an article about the station from The Globe and Mail.

Does anyone have an email address or postal address for Dandal Kura Radio? Please comment!

VOA Radiogram 128 on a cheap Tesco shortwave radio


SWLing Post reader, Christopher, lives on the north coast of Labrador, Canada. He recently contacted me regarding the purchase of a new receiver–he’s currently stuck with a very inexpensive analog portable he purchased at the UK grocery store, Tesco: the Tesco RAD-108.

While the RAD-108 has poor sensitivity and selectivity, it’s still (evidently) more than capable of receiving the VOA Radiogram. Many thanks to Christopher for sharing this video he found on YouTube: