Bonito’s new shortwave products

This year at the Dayton Hamvention, I stopped by the Bonito booth in Hara arena. I noticed a number of new products Bonito has introduced specifically for the SWL/DXer market.

Bonito has kindly forwarded pages from their brochure (see below–click to enlarge), though all of the products can also be found on Bonito’s website and at Universal Radio.



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David Goren’s Cold War mix

ShortwaveologyFeeling nostalgic for the Cold War?  David Goren recently posted the following audio mix and description on his excellent website,

“This mashup of vintage cold war propaganda (mostly) from Radio Moscow’s North American Service was made for The Schizophonic Archive, a part of The Bureau of Memories: Archives and Ephemera, an exhibition curated by the anthropological collective Ethnographic Terminalia in December 2014. Thanks to Kim Andrew Elliot, Jack Widner, Marie Lamb, David Bodington, Jeff Place and Smithsonian Folkways for the recordings. Special thanks to Tom Miller and Ethnographic Terminalia.”

Readers: There are many more audio goodies at–go check’em out!

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Video: Controlling the Elad FDM-S2 SDR with the HP Stream 7 tablet

Elad-FDM-S2-FrontPanelMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Guy Atkins, who shares the following video demonstrating how the Elad FDM-S2 can be controlled with the $99 HP Stream 7 Windows 8.1 tablet PC:

You can read more about Guy’s FDM-S2/HP Stream 7 setup in his previous post.

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The Canadian International DX Club (CIDX) Messenger

There are few things in our wonderful hobby that can can be purchased for as little as $10.00. Fortunately, an annual membership to the Canadian International DX Club is one of those few.

I’m reminded of this great value as I just received and read the latest CIDX Messenger, the CIDX’s monthly electronic bulletin.


The CIDX Messenger is chock-full of news, articles and loggings covering shortwave radio, AM and FM radio, utility transmissions, pirate broadcasting, satellite and Internet radio.

Check out the latest table of contents from the CIDX Messenger below:


The Messenger is sent to all CIDX members by e-mail in PDF format so can be viewed on pretty much any digital device.

Membership can be mailed in (click here to download the application) or payment can be made via PayPal, (U.S. or Canadian), by sending the payment to:

The membership fee for Canadian, U.S. and International members is $10 Canadian or US per year.

A sample copy of the Messenger is available, free of charge. Simply send an e-mail to requesting a free sample.

I’ve been a member of CIDX for at least three years and look forward to every issue of the Messenger.

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Coming soon: C. Crane CC Skywave review

IMG_7856 (1)

C. Crane has sent me their new CC Skywave shortwave portable for review. I’ve been using it since Friday and have started putting together a quick review.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please comment and I’ll try to address them in the upcoming post.

Update: Click here to read a full review of the CC Skywave.

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December 13/15: Special RMRC shortwave broadcasts

SX-99-Dial(Source: Toshi Ohtake, Japan Short Wave Club, via Sean Gilbert)

RMRC Shortwave broadcasts in December 2014 about the EDXC’14 Conference

The Rhein-Main Radio Club ( RMRC ) of Frankfurt, Germany, plans to broadcast a one-hour program in English about the EDXC 2014 Conference held in September in Nice , France. There will be three separate transmissions:

There will be taped interviews with several well-known DXers who attended the meeting. Thank-you very much to Mr. Toshi Ohtake of the Japan ShortWave Club (JSWC) for taping and providing these interviews.

QSL-verification is <only> via the RMRC and either as electronic or as paper QSL. Reception reports to either: or RMRC, Postfach 70 08 49, 60558 Frankfurt / Main, Germany. Return postage is not required.

See also our web-page for details (“QSL-Info”).

Via Sitkunai, Lithuania:
Target Area / Frequency / UTC / Day

J/As / 11690 KHz  / 2100 – 2200/  Sat 13 Dec

Via WRMI, Okeechobee, Fl, USA:
Target Area / Frequency / UTC / Day

WNAm. / 7455 KHz / 0000 – 0100 / Mon 15 Dec
ENAm. / 5850 KHz / 0000 – 0100 / Mon 15 Dec
Car/LAm. / 5015 KHz / 0000 – 0100 / Mon 15 Dec
Eu / 15770 KHz / 2100 – 2200 / Mon 15 Dec

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“Less plug” and much “more play”–!

Aw, gee–you know you’ve made it the in the world when the talented and inimitable Jeff Murray (K1NSS) takes the Mickey out of you with his quirky vintage-style imagery.  This time, it was yours truly that got a dose of the Murray treatment…
K1NSS-meJeff, you inject this hobby with the requisite dose of whimsy. Thanks so much for “plugging” Ears To Our World!

Merry listening, friends! If you would like to support Ears To Our World with a tax-deductible donation, click here!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–if you want to hire a talented artist for graphics or a unique QSL card, Jeff is clearly the guy to call upon.

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