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How Tudor enjoys Radio Australia

In response to my recent Radio Australia post, SWLing Post reader, Tudor Vedeanu comments: “I’ve also enjoyed listening to music on Radio Australia lately. “Saturday Night Country” is currently my favorite show on SW. Here is a recording I made during the … Continue reading

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Radio Australia: SWLing in the Colorado Rockies

I’m in Keystone, Colorado at about 9,300′ (2,835 M) above sea level; mornings are crisp and chilly (38F/3C), but that doesn’t stop me from putting on a jacket, heading to the balcony and listening to Radio Australia on 9,580 kHz. … Continue reading

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“The Gutting of Radio Australia”

(Source: Inside Story) We’re sitting on the grass in the village of Matangi on the island of Futuna. This is one of the more isolated communities in Vanuatu, a small group of houses on a small island at the southeastern … Continue reading

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Radio documentary on history of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

(Source: John Figliozzi via InternetRadio Digest) ABC Radio National will broadcast a weeklong series highlighting the history, development, key moments and future of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on the occasion of its 80th Anniversary, from December 24-28.  Details from: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/specialbroadcasts/abc-80th-anniversary/4373618 … Continue reading

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A little more Saturday Night Country via Radio Australia

I’ve mentioned before how much I love this show–you don’t even need to be a fan of country music to have a true appreciation for it. Saturday Night Country should be on your shortwave listening schedule. If you live in … Continue reading

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Radio Australia’s Saturday Night Country is a part of my Saturday morning

Even though it’s well over 9,800 miles (15,800 kilometers) and many time zones from where I live, I listen to Radio Australia’s Shepparton broadcast site perhaps more than any other on the shortwave bands. For decades, it has beamed a broad and … Continue reading

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Radio Australia: transmitter maintenance will lead to disruption of service for some listeners

(Source: Radio Australia via Keith Perron) Details of an interruption to our shortwave services to Papua New Guinea, eastern Indonesia and the south west Pacific for Thursday April 19th. This is an important announcement for shortwave listeners. Due to essential … Continue reading

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