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The Tecsun ICR-110 packs AM/FM and digital recording/playback

In a comment, SWLing Post reader Owl mentions: “Tecsun has just released ICR-110 which is as BIG as the PL-880 and seems to have the same speaker too.” The ICR-110 can be found on eBay–click here to search. At $46.00 US … Continue reading

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Can you help Bill find a Kenny Mayer aircheck?

SWLing Post reader, Bill Albert, writes: “I am trying to find an “air check” of Kenny Mayer, a well-known Boston late-night radio show host (now deceased) during the 1960′s and 1970′s. His show aired from 12-2AM Mondays, so it was one of … Continue reading

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FCC championing change that could “Bolster AM Radio”

It appears that FCC Commissioner, Ajit Pai, is pushing a plan to revitalize declining AM radio station and listener numbers in the US. Read some of the details below or the full article on the New York Times website. Many thanks … Continue reading

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The rise and decline of AM radio in Pittsburgh

Many thanks to Jeff Brady who shared this article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. While this article focuses on Pittsburgh’s AM radio scene, it’s certainly reflective of a common theme throughout the US and in other countries. (Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) By … Continue reading

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Review of the RadioShack AM/FM portable digital radio, Model 12-587

Three days a week, my father––now in his seventies––takes a three mile walk through his home town, revisiting the neighborhoods of his youth. He began the walks upon retirement, and in my opinion, the routine has helped keep him in … Continue reading

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The Take Away interviews Ajit Pai

Many thanks to Dan Srebnick for sending a link to this piece on The Take Away. In The Quest To Save AM Radio, John Hockenberry talks about AM radio nostalgia and then interviews Ajit Pai (who was mentioned in a post … Continue reading

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Ajit Pai is trying to save AM radio “before it’s lost in the static”

Many thanks to Andrea Borgnino for pointing out this article in today’s New York Times regarding one man’s quest to save AM radio from impending noise (QRM): The digital age is killing AM radio, an American institution that brought the nation fireside … Continue reading

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