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Holiday Deals: Open Box Sony ICF-SW7600GR for $113 via Amazon/Blinq


Traveling with my Sony ICF-SW7600GR in Taos, New Mexico

Regular SWLing Post readers know that I’m a big fan of the, now discontinued, Sony ICF-SW7600GR shortwave portable. Recently, I even wrote a post about finding some of the remaining units online.

This morning, I noticed that Amazon.com has some “Used – Like New” ‘7600GRs available via the seller Blinq for $113.39 shipped. At first, I didn’t notice the deal because it’s buried in the page: simply go to the Amazon product page, scroll down and click on “Used & new from $113.39 & FREE shipping” on the right side of the page. There, you’ll see the current offerings, if still available:


Since this offering is available via Blinq, I then searched the Blinq.com website and found the same deal:



I’ve bought a number of items via Blinq (directly and through Amazon) in the past and found that the retailer is not only reliable but has a very generous return policy if you’re not satisfied. You can buy from them with confidence.

Each time a ‘7600GR deal pops up, I’m very tempted to bite the bullet. I have two working units already though–“Coals to Newcastle” as they say!

Eton Traveller III on sale at Amazon

The Eton Traveller III

The Eton Traveller III

SWLing Post reader, Mark, writes:

There [has been] an Eton NGWTIIIB Traveler III radio on sale at Amazon: $38.05 for a couple of days now.

Thanks for the tip, Mark! The Traveller III is a great little radio and certainly worth $38.05. I bought mine on a similar deal about a year ago. Lacks a keypad but has the classic traveller world clock.

Avion DRM Receiver now shipping via Amazon India


The Avion portable DRM receiver is now available on Amazon India (click here to view). It’s being sold for 14,999.00 INR (roughly $230 US).

At time of posting, The Avion DRM receiver only has one review by someone who has (obviously) never used the radio. They give one star then state: “price is very high. so i hate this product.


While I dismiss reviews like this, I must believe that this price is, indeed, high for most Indian consumers; especially when compared with alternate forms of media consumption (smart phones, analog radio, FTA satellite TV, etc.). It would be high for me, too.

I hope, at least, that the Avion performs well. I have no plans to review the Avion DRM receiver at this point simply because it’s challenging for me to find and decode DRM here in North America with my SDRs hooked up to large external antennas. Don’t get me wrong–occasionally, I do get amazing copy–but it’s typically when conditions are favorable. Listeners in Europe, Asia, and Oceana would have better results, no doubt.

Has anyone seen an objective review of the Avion DRM receiver? Please comment.

Click here to view the new Avion DRM receiver on Amazon.in.

Tecsun PL-600: $74.99 shipped at Amazon


SWLing Post reader, Tom Ally, writes to say that the Tecsun PL-600 is currently on sale at Amazon.com for $74.99, shipping included. While this is not a deep discount, he notes that it is a lot of radio for the price. I still have a PL-600 and tend to agree with Tom. In fact, I was using my PL-600 this morning, comparing it to the new Sangean ATS-405. In many respects, the PL-600 reminds me of the Grundig G5.

Click here to view the Tecsun PL-600 on Amazon.

Update: WRTH 2015 via Amazon

WRTH2015Last month we mentioned that Amazon had erroneously listed WRTH 2015 as a title that had “not yet been released.”

I’ve just received word from the publisher of WRTH that this has been fixed on Amazon’s site, but those of you who placed an order under the unreleased status may actually have to place a new order with Amazon. To verify, you might contact Amazon customer service, then simply place a new order.

Click here to order WRTH 2015 from Amazon.com.

Also note that WRTH is available from Universal Radio and directly from the publisher.