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Bonito’s new catalog in English

Many thanks to Dennis Walter, who writes with this update from Bonito:


The new Bonito Hamradio / SWL Catalog 2016 in English has been released. We will distribute it on our Shows at Montichiari, Dayton Hamvention, Florence Hamfest, Friedrichshafen Hamradio, UK Hamfest etc.

The Catalog is already available as PDF download here: http://www.bonito.net/cat/Bonito-Hamradio-catalogue2016.pdf

Have fun and keep listening


Portable power for active antennas

CPI1000 mit Powerbank

CPI1000 mit Powerbank

Many thanks to Dennis at Bonito for sharing a link to an article he recently published on the Bonito blog:

Autonomous power supply of our active antennas via USB and power bank

It is getting to be more and more difficult to procure reasonably priced analogue external plug-in power supplies because just like old light bulbs they are no longer allowed to be produced due to power consumption restrictions. We are spending a lot of time to find and buy remaining stock so that we can offer our customers noise-free external power supplies. But for years, there has been an alternative.

Our MegaLoop ML200, ML052, the MegActiv MA305 as well as the GigActiv GA3005 can be operated internally with as little as 5V and so can be powered by the supplied CPI1000DP / CPI3000DP bias tee via a USB cable.  In light of the annoying switching power supplies, PowerLAN and heightened mobility of listeners, this is a very practical alternative and offers much more flexibility for the customer.  Unfortunately, this fact is not well known and that is why I would like to shed some light on this subject.[…]

Continue reading at the Bonito website.

Thanks, Dennis!

RaspberryPirate-EtonBlockI should note that there are a multitude of 5 VDC powerblocks on the market. I have two made by Eton Corp (see above) that even have hand-crank power generation. I recently used one to power my Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pirate!) for several hours.

As Dennis states, using a DC source certainly cuts down on interference from noisy power supplies.

MegaLoop ML052: Bonito’s new portable mag loop antenna

(Source: Bonito Press Release)

At the beginning of the model year 2016, there is good news in the range of our MegaLoop Active Loop Antennas:

New Model: MegaLoop ML052

MegaLoop ML052The new Active Loop MegaLoop ML052, which is available end of February, is the successor to our MegaLoop 060. Based on the proven technology of theMegaLoop 200 platform, an additional low pass filter with an extra FM-band-stop was integrated. Thus, the ML052 is especially suitable for operation near strong FM-stations and higher frequencies , where, because of its broadband capacity, the ML200 could be overloaded by strong signals.

Frequency range:
Low Gain: 9kHz – 52 MHz
High Gain: 9 kHz – 36 MHz
Suppression on FM (88 – 108 MHz): max. 40 dB

Intercept Point
IP:3: typ. +40dBm
IP2: typ. +84 dBm

The effect of the integrated filter can be seen very good on these two images:

ML052 in High Gain Mode

ML052 in High Gain Mode

ML052 in Low Gain Mode

ML052 in Low Gain Mode

Like the ML 200, the amplification of the ML052 can be changed internally with a jumper:
a) High Gain: 0-36MHz
b) Low Gain: 0-52 MHz (-7dB)
Suppression of the FM band: (88-108MHz): max. 40dB

Outstanding intermodulation surpression, with only 5 volts!

CPI1000 with Powerbank

CPI1000 with a standard Powerbank

The MegaLoop ML052 achieved outstanding values regarding intermodulation suppression even at a low supply voltage from only 5V. It can be powered either by a conventional plug power supply or even via USB. Powering via USB has the advantage that no external power supply is needed and that the antenna can be used autonomously and noise-free with a separate USB power bank. A appropriate dual power input adapter (CPI1000) is already included in the standard package.

The MegaLoop ML052 can now be pre-ordered in our eShop underwww.hamradioshop.net. In the UK at Taylor Made RF.

Bonito’s new high and low pass filters


Dennis Walter at Bonito has just informed me about two new product’s they’re offering: high and low pass filters. From the Bonito blog:

LP060 Low Pass Filter

The elliptically-formed low pass filter LP060 from NTi suppresses all frequencies above 60 MHz. Highly effective antennas combined with near-by strong FM stations often overburden the input of the radio and cause interference and phantom signals.

The LP060 was developed aiming at the highest possible suppression in the 88MHz – 108 MHz FM band, whereas as the 6m amateur radio band at 50MHz is still totally within the pass band. For the greatest possible effectiveness, the low pass filter should be inserted directly before the receiver input.

Attenuation values (typ.):
52MHz: -1dB
60MHz: -3dB
80 MHz: -55dB
88-110 MHz: -90dB
110-150MHz: -75dB
150-200MHz: -70dB
200-400MHz: -65 dB

Dimension: 88mm x 31mm x 25mm (3,46 x 1,22 x 0,98 inch)

Input and output are DC-blocked (max. 50V DC)

Attention: Only suitable for reception, high HF (>10dbm) will cause permanent damage! When using end-fed active antennas: Because the filter is DC-blocked, it has to be inserted between the receiver input and the power inserter.

Successfully tested with: Elad FDM-S1 and FDM-S2, FiFi-SDR1.0 and 2.0, PM-SDR, Winradio Excalibur, RFSpace SDR-IQ

HP0020 High Pass Filter

The elliptically-formed high pass filter HP0020 suppresses all frequencies below 2 MHz. Strong or near-by transmitters in the long- or medium wave range can cause interferences and intermodulation in the shortwave range, which can effectively be suppressed with this filter. The HP0020 filter is very steep, so that signals in the upper medium wave range are already suppressed effectively. For the greatest possible effectiveness, the low pass filter should be inserted directly before the receiver input.

Attenuation values (typ.):
<0.50 MHz:-55dB
1.0MHz: -45dB
1.6 MHz:-35dB
2.0MHz: -3dB
>2.5 MHz: -1dB

Input and output are DC-blocked (max. 50V DC)

Dimensons: 88mmx31mmx25mm (3,46 x 1,22 x 0,98 inch)

Attention: Only suitable for reception, high HF (>10dbm) will cause permanent damage!
Because the filter is DC-blocked, it has to be inserted between the receiver input and the power inserter.

Click here to read the full press release on Bonito’s blog, or purchase via Bonito’s web store. I imagine Universal Radio will start stocking these soon as well.

Bonito adds new products

The Bonito MegaLoop ML200

The Bonito MegaLoop ML200

I’ve just heard from German manufacturer, Bonito, who has added several new products to their product line:

MegaLoop ML200: The MegaLoop is a 5 meter active stainless steel loop antenna that can be used outdoors. The MegaLoop ML200 ships with a Dual Power power supply (including the ability to power via USB).

Bonito notes that the Megaloop ML200 is currently available for a special price of 279,00€ (incl. 19% VAT)  at HamradioShop.net.


The MegActiv 305

MegActiv 305: The MegActiv 305 is a compact antenna designed for low-noise reception between 9 kHz and 300 MHz. It has a radiating element of 18cm and can be powered with 5-15 VDC (max.120mA) or with the supplied Dual Power unit CPI 1000DP via USB.

The MegActiv 305 will be available for purchase end of April for an introductory offer of 174,99€ (incl. 19% VAT).

Fenu at fenu-radio.ch will review a sample of the MegActiv 305 in the near future.

OVP1000 Over Voltage Protector: The OVP1000 is an in-line over voltage protector for your receiver. It’s designed to dissipate current pulses caused by nearby thunderstorms. The OVP 1000 protects against high power surges in three ways:

The OVP1000

The OVP1000

  • A gas discharge tube with 60V firing voltage, max. pulse leakage current 1kA (8/20µs)
  • An ultra-fast ESD diode (30KV; max. pulse power 350W (8/20µs)
  • Blocking DC voltages (up to max. 100V) at the input and output.

The OVP1000 is available now for 59,00€ at Hamradioshop.net.

For full details about these new products, please visit Bonito’s blog.

And many thanks to Bonito who is a proud sponsor of the SWLing Post!