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Is Firedrake on the decline?

Have you noticed less Firedrake broadcasts lately? I certainly have.  My buddy David pointed this out to me last week and since then I haven’t heard Firedrake even once. I have, however, heard the more aggressive and noisy Chinese jamming … Continue reading

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The 24th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square

Yesterday, I had two reminders of how important shortwave radio is in China. The first was this incredible recording shared by David Goren–an unidentified Radio Beijing announcer who departed from the script and commented on the massacre of protestors in … Continue reading

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Epoch Times: Radio Taiwan International dismantling two transmission sites?

Update: This article, from the Epoch Times, is somewhat misleading: it appears that RTI is not actually being silenced; rather, they’re merely removing sites that are retired and redundant. See post comments for more info. (Source: Epoch Times) Media freedom in … Continue reading

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Sky News reporter detained in China while on air

This is not a shortwave radio news item, but nonetheless relevant in the context of free press (or lack thereof) in China: Thanks to Andy Sennitt for sharing.

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China appears to be jamming the BBC World Service (and the SWLing Post)

No doubt, in publishing this, The SWLing Post will be hit with another barrage of denial-of-service attacks. If you notice the site loading slowly, or completely off-line for periods of time in the near future, you’ll know why… A few … Continue reading

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New book focuses on China’s Firedrake jamming

I just received the following press release from Steve Handler (N9ABC), author of Firedrake – China’s Secret Shortwave Jamming Project Exposed! Priced at $3.99, his new 45 page eBook is available at Amazon.com: Firedrake – China’s Secret Shortwave Jamming Project Exposed!  by Steven … Continue reading

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China blocks foreign websites for one hour

(Source: The Guardian) China’s internet users have been cut off from accessing all foreign websites for around an hour in an unexplained incident that sparked speculation the country’s censorship system was being tested or further tightened. The “great firewall” already … Continue reading

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