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Radio Caroline and a crystal radio: “The making of a rebel”

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader Mike, who shares a link to this story from the blog République No.6: Growing up in Piennes Lorraine, Radio Caroline the making of a rebel [A]t night with my younger brother we would listen to … Continue reading

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Listener Post: Greg Blair

Greg Blair’s radio story is the latest in our series called Listener Posts, where I place all of your personal radio histories. If you would like to add your story to the mix, simply send your story by email! In the meantime, many thanks to … Continue reading

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Tinkering with the Credit Card Crystal Radio

A few weeks ago, we published a short post about a credit card crystal radio from an eBay seller in the UK. I purchased a kit–at $17-18 US shipped, it’s quite a modest investment for what might be a fun little project. … Continue reading

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Crystal radio credit card receiver

On a tip from my good friend Dave Cripe (NM0S), I just purchased this cute crystal receiver kit from a UK-based seller on eBay. The price is 8 GPB plus 3.50 GPB for shipping. After PayPal currency conversion, I paid … Continue reading

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Where radio history and art meet: An interview with Geoffrey Roberts

At the SWLing Post, we love radio history and that of technology in general; clearly, steps taken in our past indicate how we will blaze trails into our future. But that’s not the only reason to appreciate vintage technologies.  Developed … Continue reading

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