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Degen DE1129 front panel: Alex provides Russian translations and English corrections

A few weeks ago, I posted an image with English translations of some of the buttons on the Degen DE1129 front panel. Alex, an SWLing Post reader, commented with the Russian equivalents for some of the buttons and corrections to … Continue reading

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The Degen DE1129 features 10 kHz steps on medium wave

I just received confirmation from a representative at TecsunRadio.com that the Degen DE1129 will offer selectable 10kHz steps for the medium wave (AM) band in North/South America (ITU Region 2). My contact had to verify this fact by actually trying out … Continue reading

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Degen DE1129 front panel: English translations

Erin, with TecsinRadio.com, sent me this graphic with English translations for the Degen DE1129’s front panel (which is silk-screened in Chinese). This could come in handy for future DE1129 owners less familiar with Chinese. I’ve also added this image in … Continue reading

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The new Degen DE1129 shortwave radio with MP3 recording and playback

TecsunRadio.com has posted the new Degen DE1129 shortwave radio on their website. Though they have not yet posted pricing, it appears pre-orders are being taken. The DE1129 looks like a decedent of the Degen DE1128 that has not exactly been a market … Continue reading

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Degen DE1128: More photos and features released

This blog has published more details about the DE1128. For those of us not fluent in Chinese, Google translate seems to do a fair job of translating details. We have updated the SWRI entry for the Degen DE1128 with our interpretation … Continue reading

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A new Degen portable in the works–the Degen DE1128

It appears that Degen is working on a new dual speaker portable shortwave radio–the Degen DE1128. It looks like the DE1128 will have MP3 recording features, including a built-in microphone. The footprint and layout seem strikingly similar to the new … Continue reading

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