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CDNSE Newstar DR111 First Review

Based on this initial review, it appears that the CDNSE Newstar DR111 is an improvement over the company’s last portable DRM radio, the DiWave. (Source: DRMNA.info) [T]he unit is quite sensitive. RNZI evenings at 17675kHz and 13730kHz can be received … Continue reading

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Could the DR111 DRM Radio be the portable we’ve been waiting for?

One of the reasons DRM (Digital Radio Mondial) has struggled to gain global popularity is that there has yet to be a portable radio solution with universal appeal. Perhaps the future Chengdu NewStar Electronics DR111 DRM Radio will change that? According … Continue reading

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Modify a Realistic DX-394 for DRM

Do you have a Realistic DX-394? If so, you can modify it to become a DRM (Digital Radio Mondial) receiver. Simply follow these very well documented instructions. Thanks to Mike on the DRMNA email list for bringing this cool mod … Continue reading

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Radio World looks into the future of digital shortwave radio

(Source: Radio World Online) “DRM is not seen as a profitable line for the major manufacturers,” said Sennitt. “A few smaller manufacturers have produced DRM receivers, but the unit cost is still too high, and there simply aren’t enough DRM … Continue reading

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DRM: First Transmission for Southern Africa

(Source: DRM Consortium Press Release) The DRM Consortium will make its first ever DRM transmissions for Southern Africa in French and English on October 11th on the occasion of the Digital Radio Conference organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) at the … Continue reading

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All India Radio on DRM track

As we’ve mentioned before, it appears AIR (All India Radio) may soon be a leader in digital radio in all forms, including shortwave. This, from the Deccan Herald: The government plans to launch a 24-hour news broadcast channel of All … Continue reading

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New Digital Radio Mondiale channel for South Asia

(Source: BBC World Service International Publicity) BBC World Service and Deutsche Welle (DW) are launching a new Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) digital radio channel for South Asia. The channel will carry a four-hour daily broadcast that includes the best international … Continue reading

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