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A PARI DXpedition update

The SWLing Post DXpedition at PARI is going very well.  We started yesterday around noon with beautiful fall weather; late last night, it started raining but that hasn’t dampened our spirits today. Despite the wet, chilly weather, Gary Donnelly (above) … Continue reading

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Arctic DXing: Norway style

In response to my post Tuesday about Arctic DXing in Finland, Per-Einar comments: “I would like to mention a similar listening site in Norway @70 degrees north [latitude]. Check Kongsfjord.no for logs for reports. I have observed the same effect DL4NO mentions. … Continue reading

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Arctic DXing covered in the Chinese press

A few years ago we mentioned Mika Makelainen and Jim Solatie, who make a DXing pilgrimage each year to the most northern region of Finland for two weeks of DXing bliss. The small cabin is very remote, but connected to 14 wire antennas and … Continue reading

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DXpedition in Lapland? Finnish DXers offer their DX cabin for rent

If you have the time and money, this DXpedition site–owned and operated by several hard-core Finnish DXers–could offer up a week of exotic AM and Shortwave DXing. Rent for one week is very reasonable at 500 Euros, but travel expenses … Continue reading

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