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eBay find: American Electrola DXC-100

Last night, I noticed an untested American Electrola DXC-100 shortwave/AM/FM radio listed on eBay: it had a BuyItNow price of $49 shipped. The seller (who has an excellent feedback history) disclosed that the power supply was missing, thus the receiver … Continue reading

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Andi provides detailed info and photos of the new Degen DE1103 DSP

Regarding the new DSP version of the Degen DE1103, SWLing Post contributor, Andi_84, writes: I’ve opened [my Degen DE1103] and checked the semiconductors inside. It’s definitely based on a Silicon Labs chip (Si4735-D60). 1) Display PCB Valence Tech AP651 “LCD AND … Continue reading

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Not all Degen DE1103 eBay listings are the new DSP vesion

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Eric Weatherall, who writes: I’ve been interested by news of the updated DSP version of the Degen DE1103. I just saw an eBay auction for a used DE1103 which listed “DSP” in the title. … Continue reading

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Dan spots an extremely rare HRO-600 on eBay

SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, writes: Wow . . . a huge, amazing rarity…this is perhaps the rarest of radios, the HRO-600. It is almost never seen on the used market and when it is, it is usually in non-operational … Continue reading

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eBay sighting: Braun “Wall Unit” by Dieter Rams

Many thank to my buddy, David Korchin (K2WNW), who sent the following eBay link: Dieter Rams masterpiece Braun “Wall Unit” Wandanlage TS45 TG502 reel L470 PCS5 While I love Dieter Rams’ designs, and no doubt this is a very rare … Continue reading

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Guy discovers the $13.99 Babson DS-858 shortwave radio

SWLing Post contributor, Guy Atkins, writes: I spotted this new listing on Ebay today, and was wondering if it’s a new model, or perhaps a repackaged Tecsun PL-606? It’s lacking the rotary tuning knob and has a smaller display than … Continue reading

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Moshe’s early birthday gift: a Philips 90AL765

SWLing Post contributor, Moshe, writes: After reading your post about your Panasonic RF2200 pre-birthday present, I decided I want to do the same. The radio I chose has a story behind it… My Grandfather had the same exact radio. I … Continue reading

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