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RadioShack DX-402 (Sangean ATS-505) $31.95 shipped via eBay

  eBay seller reforger is selling “open box/used”  RadioShack model 20-629 (DX-402) portable shortwave radios for $31.95 US including shipping. The RS DX-402 is essentially a rebranded Sangean ATS-505. I purchased a DX-402 earlier this year and find that its AGC circuit is … Continue reading

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The new Degen DE1129A sports RDS, but is there really a version with keypad?

Thanks to a tip from the Herculodge, I discovered the DE1129A: a version of the recently reviewed Degen DE1129 with RDS. RDS is a very useful feature–especially for instant FM station ID on the go. The DE1129A is available from … Continue reading

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Degen DE1129 with English buttons, now on eBay

An English labeled version of the Degen DE1129, which I recently reviewed, is now available from a Hong Kong Seller on eBay. It appears that pricing is $69 US with shipping. Click here to search eBay for the Degen DE1129 … Continue reading

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Tecsun PL-660 shortwave radio now available

The Tecsun PL-660 is now available on eBay. This little radio could be worth grabbing as it has sync detection and the Air band (much like the Grundig G3). The price is right at $75 (black version) or $85 (silver … Continue reading

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