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WoodBoxRadio announces the ELAD FDM-DUO

(Source: WoodBoxRadio Facebook Page) ELAD FDM-DUO Preliminay Specifications Front-end ADC Linear LTC2165-16bit 122.88MHZ clock DDC FPGA Spartan 6 XC6SLX25 + Serial Flash for stand-alone mode. USB IQ path through CY68013 for RX bitstream (192KHz up to 6.144Mhz single channel and … Continue reading

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Update: ELAD FDM-S1 shipping March 26

I just received an update from WoodBoxRadio stating that the new ELAD FDM-S1 software defined radio will begin shipping Monday, March 26, 2012 to those who have pre-ordered the unit. WoodBoxRadio also noted that the FDM-S1 is still available at … Continue reading

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WoodBoxRadio will start shipping the new ELAD FDM-S1 SDR this month

According to WoodBoxRadio, the ELAD FDM-S1 software-defined radio will be shipping this month (March 2012). This is an intriguing SDR and boasts some pretty impressive features–download their spec sheet here. Can’t wait to see how it compares to other popular … Continue reading

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