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David Korchin’s photography captures ETOW radios in the hands of kids

A truly rewarding experience I am privileged to enjoy as the director of Ears To Our World is to work directly with kids and teachers in the countries where we extend our mission. This year, photographer/SWLer/radio amateur–and good friend–David Korchin (KC2WNW) … Continue reading

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Shortwave Listening (SWLing): How did you get your start?

I love hearing stories about how shortwave radio listeners and ham radio operators got interested in the hobby. I’ll tell you about my experience, but I would enjoy hearing yours either in the comments section or by sending me an … Continue reading

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Radio France International features Ears To Our World

Many of you know how important I consider shortwave radio to be in the third world and for those living under repressive regimes. Radio France International recently interviewed me regarding these views and my position as the founder and director … Continue reading

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Ears To Our World: Giving the gift of radio

This holiday season, you might consider giving a charitable donation to Ears To Our World. A one time donation of $40 US can help a community through the power of shortwave radio. Many readers may know that I’m quite involved with ETOW. … Continue reading

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Today is World Radio Day: Support a Cause via Shortwave Radio

Shortwave Radio Listeners may occasionally feel that their hobby is a passive one–one of simply listening. I’m here to tell you that it is not. SWLers are among the more enlightened of media hobbyists, and here’s why: 1) they tend … Continue reading

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How to celebrate National Radio Day

August 20th is National Radio Day, a day for celebrating the invention of radio and this amazing 110+ year old communications medium, still so vital to information access throughout our world. Those of you who still believe in the relevance … Continue reading

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ETOW featured on PRI’s The World Technology Podcast

Shortwave radio charity, ETOW (Ears To Our World) has been featured in this week’s PRI’s The World Technology Podcast. If you’ve never heard of ETOW, check out our previous posts or simply visit ETOW’s website. Self-powered shortwave radios are an … Continue reading

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