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In Korogocho, Koch FM focuses on water sanitation

(Source: BBC Media Action) On Global Handwashing Day, Diana Njeru looks at how a radio station constructed from a shipping container is helping people improve their health in one of Kenya’s largest slums. On the banks of a slimy grey … Continue reading

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In the US, radio audience continues an upward trend

(Source: CNN Money via Andrea Borgnino) It turns out that radio still gets results. Amid all the changes in television and digital media, a report from Nielsen released Tuesday found that radio’s nationwide audience reached an all-time high during the second … Continue reading

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Norway FM Radio stations: “We’re not dead yet.”

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Bill Patalon, for sharing the following via RadioWorld online: FM Radio Not — Yet — Dead in Norway, Says NLF Last week it was reported that Norway would be switching off all FM radio … Continue reading

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Unlocking the trapped FM receiver in your smart phone

While Norway prepares to shut down FM, one group–the National Association of Broadcasters–is trying to unlock FM receivers in smart phones; receivers built into smart phones, but not allowed to be activated. Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Benn, for sharing this … Continue reading

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Slate: Don’t Count AM/FM Radio Out Just Yet

Jeff, over at the excellent Herculodge blog, shares this link to an interesting article in Slate about the future of AM/FM radio in the age of podcasts. Click here to view the full article and check out Jeff’s excerpts on the Herculodge. … Continue reading

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FM Radio: saving lives in Burkina Faso

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Ulis, for sharing this video via the BBC News:

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This radio will help you navigate the London underground

(Source: DailyMail.co.uk) Underground radio stations have a rich history in the UK – but this device gives the term a whole new meaning. A designer has created a fully functioning radio, which has the entire London tube map built in … Continue reading

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