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Cameroon takes a note from Mugabe, shuts down 11 media outlets

While I certainly can’t confirm they got the idea from Robert Mugabe, nonetheless, it seems more than coincidental that as Cameroon enters an election cycle, the government is closing down media outlets that journalists describe as critical of the current … Continue reading

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Cambodia bans foreign radio in advance of elections

(Source: Radio Free Asia) The Cambodian government has ordered local radio stations to stop broadcasting foreign programs ahead of general elections in a move widely seen as a major setback to media freedom in the country and aimed at stifling … Continue reading

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Syria loses the Internet (again)

This week one of my favorite public radio programs, Marketplace, aired an interview with Matthew Prince, CEO of website security firm CloudFlare. Marketplace’s host, Kai Ryssdal, asked Price why Syria’s Internet is so vulnerable to shut-down. You see, on Tuesday Syria’s Internet had completely shut … Continue reading

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RNW looks into Zimbabwe’s history of media repression

Ironically, Radio Netherlands Worldwide was once an international voice for those living without free press. In the following RNW article,  Dlamini points out that technology is advancing at a rapid pace and media outlets increasing; however, radio remains the most accessible means of … Continue reading

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Sky News reporter detained in China while on air

This is not a shortwave radio news item, but nonetheless relevant in the context of free press (or lack thereof) in China: Thanks to Andy Sennitt for sharing.

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China appears to be jamming the BBC World Service (and the SWLing Post)

No doubt, in publishing this, The SWLing Post will be hit with another barrage of denial-of-service attacks. If you notice the site loading slowly, or completely off-line for periods of time in the near future, you’ll know why… A few … Continue reading

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International Broadcasters support freedom of information

The international broadcasting arms of France, Australia, the US, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands issued a joint statement in support of press freedoms across the globe. With the exception of the Netherlands (RNW), all of these countries … Continue reading

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