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A Photo Tour of the National Capital Radio and Television Museum

On Tuesday afternoon, I made a pilgrimage the to the National Capital Radio and Television Museum in Bowie, Maryland, USA.  The museum is located in a modest and beautiful historic house on the corner of Mt. Oak and Mitchellville Roads … Continue reading

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The Hallicrafters SX-88: a rare find and a gem of engineering

Yesterday while glancing through the QTH.com classifieds ads, I noticed a rare boat anchor for sale: the Hallicrafters SX-88. The seller, Jeremy, describes this SX-88 as follows: Hi [t]here, I have one SX88 in minty shape and is one of a handful that … Continue reading

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Dayton Hamvention flea market: a few photos

I had a little over one hour to check out the Dayton Hamvention flea market yesterday morning before manning our inside exhibitor’s table for Ears To Our World. Here are a few radios that caught my attention: I actually purchased … Continue reading

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Video: Ken operates his Hallicrafter S-120 for the first time

In response to our last post regarding Hallicrafters’ promotional 45 RPM record, Ken Carr comments: “I got the entire promotional kit for the [Hallicrafters] S120 when I was a kid. My parents even bought the radio for me. I still … Continue reading

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The Amazing World of Short Wave Listening: Hallicrafters 45 RPM

SWLing Post reader, Michael Black, remembers the Hallicrafters 45 RPM promotional record in a comment: “All this talk of early listening, especially when it’s about the same period I joined in, reminds me of the Hallicrafter’s 45RPM record that was used … Continue reading

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The connection between Hallicrafters and 1940s electronic warfare

One of my favorite ham radio blogs is that of John (AE5X). Like me, he’s a QRPer–meaning, as amateur radio operators, we love making contacts across this great globe of ours using very low power…typically 5 watts or less. The … Continue reading

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Jeffrey revives an old friend, his Hallicrafters SX-110

SWLing Post reader, Jeffrey Fritz, sent me the following message and has kindly allowed me to share it with other readers. I’mthoroughly inspired! As a teenager in the 1960s I spent a considerable amount of time SWLing on a Hallicrafters … Continue reading

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